Of Random Things #78

Haven’t been blogging much for the past two days as there was nothing which I could blog about. I baked a Banana Chiffon Cake after coming home from work just now as there were some overripe bananas sitting in the kitchen.

I intended to try out another recipe but the recipe is time consuming as you need to wait 40 minutes for each step. So, I will be attempting it over the weekend when I have more time in hand. A family friend had gifted us a big bunch of Pisang Berangan and I am thinking of baking Banana Oreo Muffins with them and pass some to Jia.

Anyways, nothing much to blog about today but to show you a Green Tea Opera Cake by Cake Rush which I had tried recently. Colleagues of mine brought this along with some other cakes which I had ordered all the way from Miri.


Green Tea Opera Cake

I am considering getting a full size cake for this when Sister comes home for Christmas. I liked the green tea cake layers as they were not sweet. However, the chocolate layers were a bit too sweet for me. Green tea and chocolate complimented each other very well.

3 thoughts on “Of Random Things #78

  1. ahhh the chiffon cake sounds amazing! I wish j could see it. but I’m looking forward to your post now. 😀

    I wanted to make some banana muffins over the weekend as well.

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