Of Random Things #79

I had finally completed watching Doctors and I am now contemplating between several Korean drama series. I am not someone who would stick to watching the entire drama series especially Korean ones. I would usually start with first episode and skip to the last episode as I am never patient in finding out the ending. Suprisingly enough, I managed to watch each and every episodes without skipping to the last episode recently.

Now that I am done with Cinderella & Four Knights, Blood and Doctors, I am thinking if I should start with W or the highly raved Descendants of the Sun. To be honest, I had started with watching the latter a couple of times before but I never stick around and my attention always stray to other drama series instead.

As for W, you need to have a clear mind while watching lest you will not be able to understand the storyline well enough. At least, that was what Sister told me as I once told her that I could not understand the storyline at all.


Descendants of the Sun

But I think it is very likely that I will go for Descendants of the Sun as I do not think my mind is clear enough recently to understand the storyline of W well enough. LOL!


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