26092016 / Awfully Chocolate, Shanghai

Aloha! How’s Sunday treating you so far? It has been a wet day since morning and I just came home from bringing Mom to the clinic for her second body immunity jab. Decided to blog first till it is time to head out to meet Jennifer for lunch at Flour & Butter Cafe later on.

I am currently running out of stuffs to blog about apart from some skincare products’ reviews which I am pretty lazy to do so at the moment. But I will do them in a few days time when I feel like it. I am getting addicted to Korean drama series recently and my latest obsession has been Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

I never expected that I will get obsessed to this drama series as the trailers and teasers did not appeal much to me in the first place. However, I still downloaded each and every episodes shortly after it was aired and only started watching it days ago when I find Descendants of the Sun too boring for my liking.

Without further ado, let’s get on moving with what I intended to do so for today.


Hot Chocolate

Both Sister and I shared what we ordered as we only ordered a hot drink and a cake. This Hot Chocolate was nice. The texture was smooth and it tasted rich and chocolate-y at the same time.


Flourless Chocolate Cake | ¥30

Being gluten intolerant, Sister will only go for Flourless Chocolate Cake when at Awfully Chocolate. I had never tried Flourless Chocolate Cake before but this was good. The top was dusted with powdered sugar and it had a crispy texture. The cake itself was moist.


Totally irrelevant here but I just wanted to clear all the pictures from my previous holiday trip so that I do not miss blogging anything out. This was the onboard meal served by RBA while on the way back from Shanghai. To be honest, the onboard food served by RBA are getting average. They used to be nice and I used to anticipate for their onboard food but not anymore.

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