Miri Food Hunts / 萬香生肉面

Just came home from Miri with Mom this afternoon. It was supposedly the three of us going on an overnight trip to Miri but Dad was having knee pain. So, he decided not to join us on short notice. It was my first time driving to Miri so I decided to go on a weekday to avoid traffic.

Journey was a brisk as there was no road block. Thankfully, there was no road block on the way back either as I practically sped all the way from Mumong to Bandar. Maintained speed at 120kmph and we arrived Bandar in an hour.

We met up with Ing yesterday afternoon for lunch and at the same time I also needed her help to show me the direction of the place which I needed to be at in the evening.


Ing brought us to 萬香生肉面 for lunch yesterday afternoon. They are famous for their thinly sliced pork. They were sliced thinly and the texture was soft and smooth. It had a melt in the mouth kind of texture.


According to Ing, you could choose different types of texture for the noodles and they were using yellow noodles instead of the usual dry noodles for Kolo Mee. Both Mom and Ing had Kolok Mee. Mom went for the ordinary version which came tossed in soy sauce while Ing requested hers not to be tossed with soy sauce.



Kolok Mee | RM7.00

As mentioned previously, both Ing and Mom had Kolok Mee. It comes in three different sizes which you could choose from – small, medium and large. They priced at RM7.00, RM8.50 and RM9.50 respectively. A portion of Kolok Mee comes with soy sauce tossed noodles with a bowl of soup filled with generous portion of their thinly sliced noodles and pig innards.

I like the texture of the thinly sliced pork. It was soft and yet smooth at the same time. The soup was rather salty for my liking though. The noodles however tasted sweet at first and salty as you chewed further.



While they had Kolok Mee, I had Hainanese Chicken Rice. I do not feel like having wheat products as I am trying to cut down on them. I had chicken whole leg part. The meat was extremely smooth and the sauce was nice too. However, I find the rice tad bit too wet for my liking as it had a mushy texture.

Lot 2009, Lorong Marina 3/1,
Marina Square,
Miri, Sarawak,
Tel: +6-0168781590

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