Review: The Classic (Adjoining), Kingwood Boutique Hotel

I am well aware that I had previously reviewed on Kingwood Boutique Hotel on my previous stay when I went Miri with San Diann and Clara some time last August. As mentioned in my previous few blog entries, Mom and I went to Miri as I needed a lymphatic gland massage.

I booked two The Classic rooms from Agoda as Dad was supposedly joining us too but he cancelled on short notice due to the knee pain that he had been experiencing for days. So, Mom and I went ahead without him. It was too short notice for me to cancel the other room. So, we both had one room each. Very enjoying, I would say.

Upon arriving Miri, we headed straight to the hotel for check-in. The receptionist kindly allowed us to check-in albeit it was way before the standard check-in hour. While waiting for the check-in procedure to be completed, we were served chilled apple juice in champagne flutes and wet hand napkins.

The receptionist asked me if I would like to have adjoining rooms. I agreed as Mom was not keen of sleeping on her own and she even asked if Ing wanted to stay with her for the night. LOL! So, I got the room with a queen sized bed while Mom had the one with twin beds.



The difference between standard The Classic and adjoining The Classic was that the latter has a bigger walking space as compared to the former. However, the size of bathroom for the latter is smaller as the closet took up half the space. Adjoining rooms have bigger space for luggage storage as they are usually located in the corner of each floor.



Most twin beds can fit two comfortably per bed in some of the hotels which I had previously stayed in but the ones at Kingwood Boutique Hotel can only fit one per bed. Mom mentioned that the mattress was rather hard for her liking. I find the bed okay for me as you cannot complain much for the price which I paid for two rooms.


I am glad that they took effort to improve the quality of the hotel. Most of the Agoda reviewers including myself complained that there was no holder to put toiletries in the shower room cubicle and they have it now! However, it would be better that they install towel hook inside the shower room cubicle as it was rather inconvenient to reach for the towel on the outside after shower.

Mom complained that the shower room cubicle size was too small for her. Well, it was okay for me as I had been to smaller ones before. However, I was surprised that Mom would complain about the size when she is only half my body size.

Verdict: Albeit there were complaints of limited parking spaces around the hotel, we had no trouble with that as the hotel concierge had a spot reserved for me with my car plate number printed on the reserved parking space. The hotel manager assured Mom that they have 24 hours security to take care of the safety of guests’ vehicles.

After checking out, I provided feedback to the receptionist in-charge at the time that they should consider placing the coffee cups facing downwards instead of upwards as the coffee cups are prone to collect dust when facing upwards. If you are wondering how much I paid for two rooms per night, it was B$64.21 inclusive of service charge and tax. It was supposedly B$90 plus but I redeemed part of my Agoda rewards.

Kingwood Boutique Hotel
Lot 826, Jalan Yu Sheng Utara,
PO BOX 1838, 98008,
Miri, Sarawak,
Tel: +6-085415888

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