Of Random Things #82

I had the entire mornig freed up on last Sunday before my meet up with the gang – San Diann, Clara and Shew Hiang at Kapra Coffee Roasters. So, I bought ingredients to make Ang Gu Kueh. I had never make one before. By the time I woke up in the morning, Mom had prepared half of the ingredients to make Ang Gu Kueh.

So, we started filling and shaping the dough after breakfast. It turned out that the filling we prepared was not enough for the dough that we had. To be honest, there is no limitation when it comes to the fillings for Ang Gu Kueh.

Standard filling is mung bean paste but you could always use alternative fillings to your preference. Some used ready made red bean paste for convenience purpose.


So, this was how our homemade Ang Gu Kueh looked like before they go into the steamer. Mom did not add any coloring to the dough hence they were all in pale in color. The pale yellow color came from the orange sweet potatoes that Mom used.

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