13112016 / Lian Fu Restaurant & Catering

After our coffee session at Kapra Coffee Roasters, the gang decided to move our meeting elsewhere for desserts as the selection at Kapra Coffee Roasters was pretty limited on that day. I did not feel like having sweets. Hence, I suggested going for a local Chinese restaurant for some decent Kueh Chap or Fried Kueh Tiaw.

We ended up at Lian Fu Restaurant & Catering as it was nearby from where we were at the time. Lian Fu Restaurant & Catering serves one of the best Kueh Chap in town and I like the portion served. All three of us apart from Shew Hiang ordered Kueh Chap. Unfortunately, we were late and all Kueh Chap were sold out.


Laksa | B$3.50


Tomato Wah Tan Ho | B$5.00

I wanted something with Kueh Tiaw noodles and yet soupy at the same time. Portion was big and I finished the entire thing myself when I would usually control myself from over eating. Ended up feeling guilty after the meal and skipped dinner. LOL!

Lian Fu Restaurant & Catering
Unit 2, Simpang: 1029,
Kampung Tanah Jambu,
Jalan Muara, BU1112,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2791328 / +673-8776332

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