Of Random Things #83

Just finished W early this morning. The storyline was exciting but I do find the ending a bit disappointing though. But all in all, it was a good Korean drama series. I had been contemplating which drama series to follow next and Sister recommended Healer over The K2.

I do not think I will start with The K2 that soon as the trailer did not appeal to me just yet. I wanted to start on Healer but I have yet completed downloading the HD version of the said drama. So, I will get moving with Pinocchio first in the mean time.


Jennifer and I will be watching the latest blockbuster – Fanstastic Beast & Where To Find Them at the cinema this afternoon. Reviews were good so far. Hopefully, the movie is as good as the reviews claimed to be.

18 thoughts on “Of Random Things #83

    • I liked the chemistry between both leads in W but ending was really disappointing and short. I doubt there will be a second season for W though.

      However, there was a petition online for a second season of Scarlet Heart as the original Chinese version came with two seasons.

      Not sure if the producer is going to go for a second season as local rating for Scarlet Heart is low as compared to international rating. However, I do wish for a second season of Scarlet Heart.

      • It does feel like there’s going to be a second season of scarlet heart looking at how the ending was. Also there were rumours as IU posted some hints on scarlet heart. So i really do hope so! I think I wouldn’t mind watching it over and over again. I’m thinking of watching the Chinese version too.

      • I think there will be a second season but probably a short one. But there is also rumors that there will be a sequel with two short episodes. Not sure which one is true though.

        I had tried watching the Chinese version previously but I find the story line too long. The Korean version is the shorter version. The actors and actresses in the Chinese version are not as good looking as the Korean version. LOL!

      • Lol! Well I saw the poster but I guess I’m used to chinese dramas (which is my first love before I discovered k-dramas). Maybe I’ll watch it when I have longer sem break. Either way, I hope the second season won’t be disappointing (if theres any). I was wondering if you’ve watched old chinese drama (probably from ten years ago?) there’s this story about a guy with moon shaped mark on his forehead. If you have any idea what the drama is, holla me up. There’s probably different versions of the same story line. I’m trying to find old dramas that I used to love watching when I was younger lol

      • Hmm … There’s differences between Chinese dramas. There are some from Taiwan, Hong Kong or China itself.

        I rarely watch China Chinese dramas as I find the effects a bit exaggerating and fake sometimes. If I do watch, it is because it has my favorite stars. LOL!

        I don’t think I know the drama which you are talking about but I’ll keep an eye for you. It is the traditional or modern kind of drama?

      • Ah … I think you were watching Hong Kong Cantonese drama series back in the days.

        I used to watch quite a lot of HK Cantonese dramas too but the recent ones were hit and miss. Some were good but some were so so. So, I only watch those which has the casts that I like. LOL!

      • Cantonese dramas are okay but Chinese ones are so so for me. There’s a few new ones recently but I haven’t start watching. Only completed downloading them.

        However, there were a few nice ones from two years ago. When was the last time you watched Cantonese dramas?

        Do watch Line Walker if you haven’t. It was good and worth watching.

      • If I wanted something slow with romantic story-line, I will go with Korean series.

        If I want mystery and crime solving series, American series is the one to go for. Do you watch any American series recently?

      • i havent update myself with new seasons but i watch the big bang theory, 2 broke girls, fresh off the boat and quantico. i stopped blindspot but it’s a really interesting series though. what about you?

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