Of Random Things #84

I am going Miri again early next month with Mom and we are staying at Pullman Hotel this time round. I had been wanting to stay at Pullman Hotel ever since it was launched in Miri but never gotten round to.

Reviews of the hotel had been great. So, I am hoping that I will not be experiencing otherwise. Having stayed in some of the 5-stars chain hotels while traveling with Sister, I have some expectations whenever I am staying in a hotel. LOL!


I got myself an eyebrow pencil refill when I was in Miri earlier this month. Kose Esprique had launched an improved version of the said eyebrow pencil. However, Kose in Parkson Miri still carries some leftover stock from the previous range but the shade which I had been using was sold out. So, I got a lighter shade instead.

2 thoughts on “Of Random Things #84

    • I think I got it for approximately RM35 – RM37. Can’t remember the exact price. But I do remember that the actual product (not refill) is RM99 each.

      It is hard to do swatch with this product as the shade is so light that my camera can’t capture it. I only used it once or twice and I ended up using back my Lancome eyebrow pencil. I prefer the one from Lancome though.

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