[CLOSED] Review: TCVH Vegetarian House

Just came back home not long ago from dinner with Jennifer at TCVH Vegetarian House this evening. TCVH Vegetarian House was opened since August and I only got to know about it just a few weeks ago. A colleague recommended me the place and off Jennifer and I went to try out the said restaurant.


Sesame Kueh Tiaw | B$3.50

I had this for dinner as I did not feel having something heavy. The gravy tasted a bit sourish hence making it appetizing to go with the rice noodles. The beancurd were however not extremely fresh to me but passable. Portion was considerably generous for me given the price.


Buttermilk Prawn | B$4.00

The buttermilk thingy was nice and it tasted extremely close to the real deal. However, the texture of the mock prawn was off. I could not exactly describe it but the texture was so weird. However, it tasted similar to the real prawn.

Verdict: The food were good in my opinion and I do not mind returning to try their other vegetarian dishes. Their Kolo Mee was good as well as I had tried it before some time last week. However, their steamed radish and yam cakes were a miss.

The restaurant is located on the same block as Elken and next to Nolly Book. If you know where O’Tacos is, they are located in the same area but next block to each other.

TCVH Vegetarian House
Unit B3, Ground Floor,
Block B, Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230296

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