Of Random Things #86

Finished watching Pinocchio some time last week and I am now watching Mask. I started it last Sunday while in Miri and I am already halfway through with the drama. Mask is a thriller drama series focusing on family political issues, revenge, hatred and little bit of romance.


Can’t think of what to watch next when I am done with Mask. Any recommendation? And not Descendants of the Sun please. LOL!

22 thoughts on “Of Random Things #86

    • Yeah … I had watched both. They were one of the first few Korean drama series which I started recently.

      I started with Cinderella & Four Knights, Blood, Doctors, Scarlet Heart, W, Pinocchio and I am watching Mask now. Finishing soon as I am now in Episode 14. Thinking of watching Hyde, Jekyll & Me.

      Any new Korean drama series which you are watching at the moment?

      • Currently on my to watch list are Legend of The Blue Sea, Goblin, Hwarang (coming soon) and 7 first kisses (if im not mistaken thats the name, not sure when this will start). but… LOTBS doesn’t really capture me as much as I anticipated it. But Goblin, so far, I love love love the story line especially between the two men but the main actress is still not up to my expectation yet. I hope her characters will grow further as the episodes go along. Maybe you can try watching Goblin and see if you’ll like it. There’s a few old ones that I like watching over and over again too – Doctor Stranger, I can hear your voice, Who are you? (the one staring Ok Taecyeon).

      • I am downloading Legend of The Blue Sea but I wanted to wait till it had finished airing before I started watching. I don’t really like watching a drama series and have to wait for another week before the next episode airs. I don’t like to be left hanging. LOL!

        I wanted to watch Doctor Stranger too but I have yet found download link for high definition. The links that I have are average definition ones. Which website do you usually download from? Torrent?

        As for Goblin, I know who is the female lead whom you are talking about. She starred in Cheese in the Trap. She’s not the kind of girl whom you will love at first sight. However, she is usually the kind whom the male lead are very likely to steal her limelight in dramas or movies.

        I had downloaded I Can Hear Your Voice previously but haven’t started watching. I think I am going to start with either Oh My Ghost or Hyde, Jekyll, Me next.

        I had read reviews that Kill Me, Heal Me is good. Have you watched it?

      • I usually just stream my dramas heheh ooooh yes! Oh my ghost is funny as well! Probably because Taec is the lead haha but I ended up just reading recap towards the end cuz I’m a scaredy cat (as I usually watch dramas in the middle of the night). And I’ve never watched Kill me heal me.

      • Oh no no! The one I mentioned was Oh My Ghostess. I did not realize that both have almost similar names.

        Oh My Ghost is indeed spooky to be watched at night. I had started downloading Goblin but haven’t start watching but I think I will do so when it had completed airing.

        As for Kill Me Heal Me, reviews were good and there was a rating that Kill Me Heal Me was better than Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I think both were aired around the same time hence there was a comparison between both.

      • I’ve just realised too! Lol! I was talking about lets fight ghost. Oops! Apparently Goblin’s rating is beyond DOTS. I think those are from the same writer

      • Hmm … It’s time to have another drama whose rating is better than DOTS. DOTS has been in the limelight for so long.

        To be honest, I don’t even know what’s the hype for DOTS. Have you watched it? Did you like it?

      • I liked it mostly because of joongki lol and i ship the couples. story line not as much but i did cried a bit (or maybe im just overly emotional hahaha)

      • The story-line was pretty good in the beginning but starting to get boring when the brothers were fighting for the throne.

        I don’t remember crying much for Scarlet Heart but I think there was one part which was emotional. LOL!

      • LOL! To be honest, I find Blood a bit boring and the story-line a bit long for me.

        I watched Blood because I like the couple in the drama series. The main leads are husband and wife in real life.

        I think Blood did not cover much on medical aspect as compared to Doctors as Blood focuses more on vampires.

      • Well i like vampires too hahaha i’ll try watching a couple of episodes and see if I like it. I remember watching doctor stranger just for the surgery scenes haha

      • I started watching the first episode of Doctor Stranger the other day and it was pretty good. Lee Jong Suk’s character is funny in the drama.

        Have you started watching Seven First Kisses? I watched till Episode 2 already. Albeit all good looking guy characters, the story-line is a bit lame in my opinion. What do you think?

      • I havent. So far I only watched Goblin. Shall watch it later then. It’s either I will hook up on this or Hwarang lol

      • The one she stayed with at the beginning was the 8th Prince (the brother in law).

        The actual story-line is that the 8th Prince turned evil in the end as he was also fighting for the throne.

        Both 4th and 8th Princes fighting for the throne for different causes. 4th was to stop the rest of the princes killing each other fighting for the throne and the other one was plainly for his own greed. But luckily, he came to his senses at the end of the series.

        I am currently on my second last episode of Oh My Ghostess and it was pretty good to be honest. Though watching it in the middle of the night may not be a good idea as sometimes there are scenes of ghosts passing by when you least expect it. LOL!

        My friend recommended me K2 but I don’t really like the story-line. Maybe I will start again some other time when I feel like it.

        My current American drama series are Elementary and Lucifer but I had stopped for quite some time since I am addicted to Korean dramas. If you like American crime solving series, I can recommend you some. My all time favorite are The Mentalist and Castle. The Listener is good too but I think they stopped production already.

        I like Ugly Betty and Drop Dead Diva too. But both series had ended.

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