Miri Food Hunts / Silverspoon Cafe & Restaurant

On my last trip to Miri, I brought Mom to try out Silverspoon Cafe & Restaurant as I am lazy to drive out. I had been to Silverspoon Cafe & Restaurant twice and the food were good enough for me. According to Ing, they had improvised their menu and the selection is more towards fusion cuisine nowadays.


Silverspoon Cafe & Restaurant is located nearby Pullman Miri Waterfront and you could see the signage from the main entrance of the hotel. The cafe was empty at the time we arrived as it was still early for dinner. We saw that there were birthday decorations in the cafe. So, I asked the waitress if they were booked for the night and she said no.




Dip N Dunk | RM10.80

mushroom soup in breadbowl

We intended to only order a main course to share since we are heading for traditional massage an hour later after dinner. You are not supposed to have heavy meal prior to a massage session but I was craving for something hot and soupy at the time. The bread was toasted beforehand and therefore it had a crispy crust texture.

The soup was not freshly homemade one and I think they used store bought ready made mushroom soup powder. They did add a generous amount of sliced canned mushroom into the soup though. I liked the soggy bread. LOL!


Omurice | RM10.90

tomato chicken fried rice covered with egg

Mom loved the coleslaw on the side. However, she commented that the texture of the egg was off. True enough, I did find the texture a bit rubbery. The rice was cooked with ketchup and some meat. However, I suspected that it was pork instead of chicken that we were served. To be honest, I would not recommend this Omurice. I think I will try their Pork Katsu Curry if I were to return next time.


Silverspoon Cafe & Restaurant
Ground Floor, Lot 1160,
Waterfront Commercial Centre,
Miri, Sarawak,


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