Review: Magnum Bandar Seri Begawan

I had finally tried the newly established franchise chain – Magnum, located at Citis Square this evening. It has been opened since month end of November but the queue was horrendous based on some shares over Instgram. So, I decided to wait till the crowd has died down before trying it for myself.

To my surprise, the queue was not at all long at Magnum this evening. So, I joined the queue excitedly and got myself my first ever self-customized Magnum ice-cream. Shared a stick with Mom as I do not feel like having the entire stick all to myself. It was part of my excuse to lessen my guilt for dessert craving. LOL!



Magnum is located where Fish & Co., used to be. I think they only took half the size of the previous Fish & Co., Not sure what Royal Brunei Catering will be doing with the remaining half size. They might either resize Fish & Co., or perhaps bringing in another franchise?


We were being given a menu booklet to browse through what they have in-store while waiting in the queue. Much to my surprise, they are serving hot food as well like fries and pastas. However, I am not there for hot food today but ice-cream!


For those of you who have not been to Magnum yet, you must be wondering how does the ordering system works. For your information, all self-customized ice-cream is priced at B$5 each whereby you get to choose any three toppings of your choice.

Place your order by the Cashier counter and you will be given an option between Chocolate Brownie and Classic Vanilla for your Magnum ice-cream. Choose any three toppings to your fancy, decide between Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate for both coating and final drizzling. You will have your customized ice-cream in no time when the chocolate is all set.


These are the available toppings that you could choose from for your self-customized Magnum ice-cream. And guess what? They have chili flakes as one of the toppings and I wondered how it tasted like with sweets.


My very own self-customized Magnum ice-cream in the making!


Final drizzle with dark chocolate sauce!


My very own self-customized Magnum ice-cream which comprises of a Chocolate Brownie ice-cream coated with dark chocolate sauce, topped with goji berries, culinary rose petals and dried cranberries, finished off with a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce.

Verdict: Mom was not as keen as I did with my self-customized Magnum ice-cream as she claimed that it was too sweet for her liking despite that I chose dried fruits instead of snacks as toppings. In overall, it was a good experience although I do not think that I will be returning any time soon. This is not something I would want to indulge on regular basis.

Magnum Bandar Seri Begawan
Royal Brunei Catering
Ground Floor, Unit 19A,
Citis Square,
Lot 10293, Jalan Berakas,
Kampung Jaya Setia, Mukim Berakas,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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