Review: Maybelline City Rescue Miracle Oil

I stocked up quite a bit of skincare products on my previous trip to Shanghai in September. I had read from beauty blogs that Japan is the heaven for skincare and makeup products. I was in awe too when I saw the display of makeup removers that they have inside the major drugstores around Tokyo. Being under budget constraint, I bought with discipline. LOL!

I did not buy much unless they were necessary or a lot cheaper compared to buying in Singapore. I bought two bottles of Kose Sekkisei Lotion 500ml. They were cheaper as the shop was doing in-store promotion and some of Kose products were marked off at 40% and you can get VAT refund as tourists.

Sadly speaking, both Sister and I did not get any VAT refund in the end as we did not know that Haneda Airport no longer has VAT refund service counter. We only realized that while on the way to the airport as we wanted to check for the whereabouts of the service counter.

Without further ado, let’s get on moving with what I intended to do for today …


Maybelline City Rescue Miracle Oil

I got this from Watsons at Joy City on my last day in Shanghai. Bigger Watsons has more varieties to choose from but Sister suggested that we will find a Watsons on the way home rather than lugging our purchases with us all day long. Watsons in Joy City is slightly smaller than the one at Raffles City but it has what I needed. So, not much harm done.

This cleansing oil came housed in a green bottled packaging. The dispenser has a locking system which you do not have to worry about spillage if you were to bring the cleansing oil with you while traveling.

The consistency of the cleansing oil is liquidy and runny. It has a floral scent. The product is generally very easy to use. Take three to four pumps of the cleansing oil and gently massage the liquid onto dry face in circular motion. Dissolve the cleansing oil with a little bit of water before rinsing them off completely. I chose to wipe off the emulsified cleansing oil with a piece of The Body Shop Organic Cotton Pad before doing final rinsing with lukewarm water. Facial cleansing is never complete without double cleansing (for me). So, I would continue the process with my regular facial cleanser at the time.

I like that this cleansing oil is able to remove makeup and dirt off my face (I don’t use heavy makeup) and I can see that my face is clean after rinsing. It did not leave my skin feeling all tight after rinsing but soft and smooth. The pores looked clean and clear. And most importantly, no breakout on my skin as I do have a pretty sensitive skin at times. On the down side, I did not like that it clouds eye vision when the liquid gets into the eyes. I had tried some other cleansing oils whereby the liquid does not cloud eye vision even if it gets into the eyes.

So, here’s what I think of Maybelline City Rescue Miracle Oil in a nutshell:

1. Pump dispenser with locking system.
2. Smells floral.
3. Cleanses skin very well, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.
4. Does not strip skin moisture.
5. Does not cause skin breakout, suitable for sensitive skin.

1. Unavailable in Brunei.
2. Pricey given the size.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: ¥99

Repurchase? Maybe not?


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