Review: Baotime

Dinner was at Baotime yesterday evening. It was an impromptu decision as I intended to go elsewhere for dinner. I met up with a friend for dinner and decided to try Baotime as I had always wanted to try it since I know it was opened. Brunei is so full of food franchises recently and we already have a few lining up shortly.

We will be having Chatramue (famous Thai milk tea) in Brunei and it was set to open tomorrow. The place will definitely be crowded because anything new in Brunei is expected to have big overwhelming crowd for the first few weeks or so. Baotime was surprisingly very quiet for me since it was only opened not long ago.

I think there was only a table of two patrons at the time we arrived at Baotime. We were given menu and an order sheet when seated. Write down your orders on the provided order sheet and present it at the Cashier counter for order and payment at the same time. Pricing was surprisingly not as expensive as what I had in mind.


Cuckoo Baoger | B$3.50

crispy chicken dressed with cheese sauce and sweet chili sauce

What’s different between Baotime and other burger chain is that instead of baked burger bun, Baotime is using the traditional Chinese steamed mantou. Chicken fillet was deep fried to a crunchy texture and topped with lettuce, cheese sauce and sweet chili sauce.

The sweet chili sauce complimented the crispy chicken very well. However, they went overboard with the cheese sauce (for me). I cannot stand much melted liquid cheese in savory food but I am okay with cheesecakes (ironic, I know). To be honest, I don’t find this of anything special to rave about.

Verdict: Menu is not extensive but sufficient enough as they have different meats each. They have chicken, beef, fish, tiger prawn, crab and lamb. Much to my surprise, they even have vegetarian version which is made of tofu, mushroom and pumpkin. I think I will be trying this one out next time for healthier option.

Unit 2, Block A,
Little Soho,
Simpang: 73-5-8,
Batu Bersurat,
Gadong, BE3719,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8683333


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