06122016 / Yugo Dessert Cafe

After our dinner at T.C.V.H Vegetarian House last Tuesday evening, both Jennifer and I headed to Yugo Dessert Cafe for dessert. I was craving for something hot and soupy. My ideal dessert in mind at the time was BlackBall Signature which comes with taro balls, sweet potato balls and lots of their homemade grass jelly but we were too lazy to drive into Gadong. So, we got our fix at Yugo Dessert Cafe instead.

Yugo Dessert Cafe had revised their operating hours since last Ramadhan. They are no longer serving until 9PM only but 11PM. So, there is no rush after having dinner. We remembered that there was one time that the both of us practically rush through with our desserts as the cafe was closing at 9PM. I think that was more than half a year ago? LOL!

Without further ado, let me show you what the both of us had the other night at Yugo Dessert Cafe.


Set B | B$5.20

red bean soup, grass jelly, jelly, taro balls, sweet potato balls


Frankly, I think the staff had served us the wrong item. This was almost similar to what I ordered but I think they served us Set A. The difference between both sets is that Set A comes with pearl balls while Set B don’t. I am not much of a red bean soup person but this was okay enough for me. The soup gets sweeter towards the bottom as we did not stir thoroughly before digging in.

However, we both agreed that the grass jelly was nice. Texture was smooth, soft and silky at the same time. It did not taste like those from preserved canned grass jelly. However, the taro and sweet potato balls were not up to my expectation. They were not “Q” enough.

Yugo Dessert Cafe
E5, Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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