25122016 / Myown Restaurant

Christmas morning was spent having breakfast at Myown Restaurant (面馆) with the family since Sister is home for Christmas holiday. Two colleagues of mine brought me to try out this restaurant some time last week and I liked their Kolo Mee. It was a lot nicer than the one my family and I usually frequented.


Sister ordered some local delicacies to share. She had both steamed and pan fried version of radish cakes, tapioca cake topped with desiccated coconut and steamed layer glutinous cake. The cakes were so so for me as I had tasted better ones before.


Wantan Kolo Mee Pok

Standard Kolo Mee Pok comes with the usual fare of minced pork with Char Siu but I requested for Wantan as well.  Portion was just perfect for me and I liked the texture of the noodles. They were cooked al dente, very much to my liking.

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