30122016 / B-Smile Restaurant & Catering Services

Some time last month before Sister flew back to Shanghai, we had dinner together while meeting a friend there. She was craving for some Hokkien Mee. I could not think of any place which serves decent Hokkien Mee. So, I suggested that we will find a restaurant once we reach Gadong Central as there are aplenty choices to choose from around Gadong Central.

Ended up at B-Smile Restaurant & Catering Services as Jia once mentioned to me that she liked the food there as the portion was generous and pricing was reasonable given the portion. I was craving for both Fried Kueh Tiaw and Ayam Penyet at the same time. So, I had them both at the same time. LOL!


Fried Kueh Tiaw Ayam Penyet


Hokkien Mee

B-Smile Restaurant & Catering Services
Unit 19, Ground Floor,
Block B, Simpang: 21,
Gadong Central Building,
Jalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428817


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