13012017 / Little Audrey’s Café

I had been busy with work lately hence the lack of update. It was my second visit to Little Audrey’s Café this week. I went with Jennifer earlier this week but there was no blog update I had totally forgotten to bring my camera with me that day. I made do with my iPhone 5S but the quality kind of sucks. LOL!

I came home from work thsi evening and brought Mom out with me as I needed to buy myself some stationery for work and Mom wanted to do grocery shopping. I did not get to have a proper dinner prior to heading out so we went to Little Audrey’s Café after shopping for my caffeine fix.


Audrey’s Hot Chocolate | B$5.50

I had tried their Audrey’s Hot Chocolate earlier this week and I loved it. So, I ordered this for Mom since she does not drink coffee in the evening. Specifically requested to be less sweet as I found it was rather too sweet for my liking. I liked that it had a smooth texture and rich in chocolate-y taste.


Latte | B$5.00

While Mom had Audrey’s Hot Chocolate, I got myself a cup of Latte for my caffeine fix and it came with a piece of Cranberry Biscotti. My Latte did not taste as sour as what I had for the first time.

I once made a feedback that their Latte had a sour after taste and got to know later that the coffee beans which they were using had a fruity note of lemon. Hence, it explained why the coffee tasted sour to me.


Fresh Yam Cake | B$4.00

I had been wanting to try out this Fresh Yam Cake with Jennifer earlier this week but we were too full from our carbs loaded dinner. So, we gave it a miss. Mom loves yam so she agreed to ordering this. She loved it as the yam layers were made with fresh yam and the texture was smooth. Most importantly, the cake ain’t sweet at all.


Pandan Kaya | B$3.50

Layers of Pandan sponge sandwiched between layers of Pandan custard. It was good and not sweet at all. Hence suitable for those who prefer low sugar desserts.

Little Audrey’s Café
Unit 9, Ground Floor,
Block A, Q-Lap Complex,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8910711

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