Review: O’Tacos, Brunei

O’Tacos, specializing in French Tacos has been around for some time and it was only last Sunday when Jennifer and I decided to pop by to try out their tacos. We intended to try out the said place shortly after it was opened but rumors had it that the queue was horrendous. So, we decided to wait until the hype had slowed down.


As far as I know, this O’Tacos here in Brunei is the first outlet in Asia Pacific but they have more than 30 outlets all over France. O’Tacos is located in the next building of Wayback Burgers. Next to O’Tacos is a newly established café called Sweet As Sara specializing in cakes’ desserts. Both Jennifer and I were surprised to see that O’Tacos was minimally decorated. It was the food that we are after not the decorations anyways. LOL!


Source: Facebook

So, how do you order your French Tacos? You can have your French Tacos in four easy steps! All you need to do is choose the size that you want, followed by meat, sauce and a final touch of either rice or French fries. We find it rather weird to have rice in our French tacos. But if you want an Asian touch in your French tacos, go for the rice!



Size M | B$7 (with add-on)

Jennifer and I shared one as we believed that we were unlikely to finish one each by ourselves. We chose medium size tortilla with chicken breast followed by mayonnaise and ketchup for the sauce. We skipped cheese as we do not like mayonnaise with cheese but we had mushrooms add-on. As for the final touch, we had French fries instead of rice. The Cashier told us that French ate their tacos with French fries. LOL!

Verdict: To be honest, I quite like what we had the other day. It was something new for a change. If I were to return, I think I will go for the Chicken Nuggets. Pricing may be a bit steep but I think it is still reasonable if to be shared among two. I felt extremely full when finishing my share of the taco. So, it is advisable to share your taco if you are a light eater.

Block A8, Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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