27012017 / Great Taste Restaurant

It is finally Chinese New Year Eve! Sister will arrive Brunei late in the afternoon and I will be the one picking her up since Dad had returned to hometown for Chinese New Year. Mom has a salon appointment early in the morning and she told me to settle my own breakfast. She suggested that I could eat the plentiful cakes at home but I do not feel like having wheat product. So, I decided to wake up earlier and drive out for breakfast on my own.

I intended to go T.C.V.H Vegetarian House for breakfast but the waitress apologetically told me that they could not accommodate any order as their chefs were busy handling catering orders till tonight. She can only serve me the steamed cakes and buns available. Left the restaurant and drove around the area before settling with Great Taste Restaurant as I had heard positive reviews of the restaurant.


Great Taste Restaurant is located next to Lunchbox Cafe and across The Manhattan FISH MARKET at Setia Kenangan 2 area. Next to Great Taste Restaurant is another newly established Chinese Halal restaurant called De Coral Restaurant & Catering (I think).


I had heard reviews of Great Taste Restaurant that their food are affordable given the portion and they taste good as well. The breakfast meals looked good but I am not a fan of frozen crinkled cut fries so I gave them a miss and ordered myself a Nasi Lemak.


Halal Dim Sum 


Nasi Lemak | B$4

The fragrant rice, cooked with coconut milk was nice. The sambal chili paste was spot on for me as it had the right spicy kick which I could endure. LOL! Fried chicken wing was done nicely on the outside but slightly underdone on the inside but it was okay for me. It is not easy to get a perfectly fried chicken wing anyways.


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