Review: Sweet as Sara

Le’ BFF Jia and I had not been meeting for catch up session for quite some time. So, we met up yesterday evening as she is not returning to Lumut over the weekend. She has both gynecology and ultrasound check appointments today. Jia decided not to bring Lucas as I do not have a baby car seat in my car. LOL!

We decided to go Sweet as Sara as it was one of the newly opened cafes which I have yet visited. Jia wanted finger food as her gynecologist warned her to cut down on sugar intake especially on desserts. She is not much of a cake person as compared to me but she loves almost anything Red Velvet.


We occupied the table just right next to the entrance door as that was probably the seat whereby it is less cooler compared to the others. It was drizzling yesterday evening. On the way to Sweet as Sara, it was pouring cats and dogs. We even contemplated for a few times whether we should meet up or stay home but I am glad that we did as the rain stopped shortly after we arrived at Sweet as Sara.


Apart from coffees, cupcakes and cakes, Sweet as Sara also offers hot food like beef lasagna and sandwiches. The former was already sold out when we were there. There were too much cupcakes to choose from and we were spoiled with choices.


Orange Juice | B$3.90


Matcha Latte | B$4.50

Honestly speaking, I regretted ordering this. The taste was off. The taste of milk overpowered the taste of Matcha. In short, I think I had been drinking milk more than Matcha Latte. Jia told me that I should not have gone for coffees but juices as it is the safest bet when you do not know how well they can do coffees.


Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Sandwich | B$6.90


We both agreed that this sandwich was good. The bread was pressed and served while warm. The bread was surprisingly soft and fluffy. I was expecting a hard and dense textured bread. The combination of both smoked salmon and cream cheese was absolutely perfect. I do not mind ordering this next time because it really was good.


We ordered a Pistachio Ondeh-Ondeh Cheesecake and two cupcakes. They came served in a plate together which Jia thought was rather unappealing. So, we requested another two plates since we were sharing. LOL!


Pistachio Ondeh-Ondeh Cheesecake  | B$4.50

Ondeh-Ondeh flavor is a trend nowadays. We chose this by random and it happened to be one of their bestselling items when Jia checked out their Instagram while waiting for our food to be served. The Ondeh-Ondeh cheesecake layer was good, topped with some chopped pistachio with coconut milk whipped cream, desiccated coconut and caramel sauce.


Red Velvet Cupcake


Cookie & Cream Cupcake

Cupcakes are sold at two for B$3.90. There was nothing much to rave about the cupcakes in my opinion but it is solely subjective to personal preference. Both Jia and I agreed that the cake was rather dry for our liking but the cream cheese frosting was decent enough.

Sweet as Sara
Unit 7, Block A,
Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-17-20, Lot 5788,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8886169 (WhatsApp)

23022017 / Pelicana Chicken, Brunei

Brunch today was at Pelicana Chicken as Alter Ego was not opened until noon. I need to be at work by 12:45PM and Pelicana Chicken seems to be a viable option as the other eateries in the vicinity were closed until noon.

Business at Pelicana Chicken was pretty good this morning as majority also came with the same reason as us. Pelicana Chicken was one of the few eateries to open at the time.


Chicken Fillet Rice | B$5.50

Decided not to be fussy about brunch since I was already starving at the time and proceeded to order myself a Chicken Fillet Rice. I did not really went through the menu properly before ordering Chicken Fillet Rice, I regretted almost instantly when this was being served in front of me.

I liked that there were deep fried chicken fillet, sunny side up, fragrant rice and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers but not at all a fan of the cheesy sauce drizzled on top of the chicken fillet. The cheesy sauce was too much for me and it covered the fragrance of their fragrant rice. Honestly speaking, I do not mind ordering this again next time but definitely without the cheesy sauce.

Pelicana Chicken
C7, Block C, Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-5-13-18,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1518,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2239933

21022017 / Flour & Butter Cafe

San Diann, Clara and I met for dinner yesterday evening after work. As usual, it took us quite some time to come down with a venue to meet. San Diann wanted to have coffee. So, we resorted to Flour & Butter Cafe as we were keen to try out some of their main courses which we have yet tried previously.

Luckily the place was not crowded yet at the time we arrived and we managed to secure a table for four when there was only the three of us. The place was slowly filling up after dinner time when patrons came in for coffee and cakes. Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday evening …


Apart from the standard menu, you can also order what they have on this blackboard. Hmm … I just realized that they have Mushroom Pasta with Chicken but I think it is the creamy type which I do not fancy much.

As San Diann and Clara agreed to have coffees and cakes after dinner, I suggested that we order two main courses to share to avoid overeating and ended up feeling bloated by the end of the meal. They agreed and I ordered Chicken Chop and they both settled with Aglio Olio Seabass.


Aglio Olio Seabass | B$11.90

spaghetti with garlic and olive oil

This is spaghetti tossed in olive oil with garlic. Spaghetti was cooked nicely in my opinion. Seabass was pan fried, topped with diced tomatoes and cucumbers. I loved the diced tomatoes and cucumbers topping. It was refreshing and the sourness from the tomatoes can really boost your appetite.


Chicken Chop | B$9.90

boneless chicken drizzled with mushroom sauce and mashed potato

The chicken chop was done nicely with spot on seasoning. The mushroom sauce was good too but I preferred if the sauce was served warmer. I am not sure whether they cooled down because I took quite some time snapping pictures. The mashed potato was addictive as the three of us kept on going for it instead of the chicken chop. It was smooth and tasted buttery at the same time.

After we were done with our main courses, we agreed that we did not feel full from our food and went ahead with coffees and cakes almost immediately. They both handed me the duty to choose two cakes to share. So, we had Salted Caramel Orange Tall Cake and Blueberry Crepe Cake.

Both San Diann and Clara complimented the Salted Caramel Orange Tall Cake and I was glad they both loved it as not all of my friends shared my love for citrus flavored cakes.


Flat White | B$5.50


Salted Caramel Orange Tall Cake | B$5.50


Blueberry Crepe Cake | B$4.50



Clara, San Diann & I, missing Shew Hiang …

 Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323

19022017 / Baotime

Kaylie and I met up at Baotime yesterday for lunch as it had been a while since we last met. As usual, she brought lil” Keona along. Business was extremely slow at Baotime yesterday as there was no other patron aside from us at the time we arrived and slowly followed by a mom and her son.

Menu was like before so there was nothing much for me to choose from. I decided to try out their Farmer Baoger as I was not impressed with their Cuckoo Baoger which I had tried on my first visit.


Twist Potato | B$4.50

chips on the twist stuffed with chicken sausage

Kaylie ordered this for herself and lil’ Keona and it ended up solely for her daughter as she did not like the mayonnaise dressing on the Twist Potato. Lil’ Keona only managed to finish half of it before surrendering completely.


Farmer Baoger (V) | B$4.50

seasoned tofu garnished with mushroom and pumpkin

I had this as I do not feel like having meat. First of all, I loved the tofu. It was fresh, fried to perfection and the shape still stays intact. The deep fried tofu was sandwiched in between pureed pumpkin. There was too much mushroom sauce and it was overly salty in my opinion. I think the pumpkin would be better off if in slices and roasted rather than pureed. It makes the Baoger too messy to be handled.

According to a person-in-charge whom I spoke to yesterday, she claimed that the saltiness of the mushroom sauce is used to compensate the unseasoned tofu. Contradicting, I would say when the menu stated “seasoned tofu”.

Verdict: San Diann went Baotime this noon for lunch with his friend and he ordered Farmer Baoger as well. He agreed that the tofu was nice but the mushroom sauce was too little for him. Perhaps the person-in-charge did take note of my opinion on their Farmer Baoger.

Additionally, he added that the customer service at Baotime needed improvement especially the staff who manned the Cashier counter. It was the “no care’ attitude which really puts customers off.

I had been to Baotime twice and I do agree that the customer service needed improvement. I came across a few reviews online commenting about the poor customer service and I do hope that the management would do something about it.

Unit 2, Block A,
Little Soho,
Simpang: 73-5-8,
Batu Bersurat,
Gadong, BE3719,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8683333


The bunch and I had breakfast together yesterday morning as it had been quite some time since the last time we met. We were unable to remember when was the last time the whole lot of us met. So, I guess it was really quite some time ago to the extent that we all lose track. LOL!

Shew Hiang was unable to meet us until 11AM. So, it was only Clara, San Diann and I who went breakfast together and we went for round two in the afternoon with Shew Hiang.

As usual, it is my duty to pick the venue for meetup. I ran out of ideas and I am not sure how keen they are with Western breakfast. So, I decided to pick OLDTOWN KOPITIAM. The said kopitiam underwent major refurbishment during last Puasa. And so did their menu.


Wet Crispy Mee Prawn & Chicken with Egg Gravy | B$5.50


Penang Assam Laksa | B$5.50 


Nasi Lemak Special | B$7.00

I had Nasi Lemak Special for breakfast as I will not be eating rice for lunch since Kaylie and I arranged to meet at Baotime for lunch. Nasi Lemak Special comes with a piece of fried chicken and choices of either beef or chicken rendang.

As I do not eat beef, I chose chicken rendang and they came in three pieces. I shared the chicken rendang with my two friends and both sang praises. The fried chicken was nicely done. The sambal chili paste was good but it would be nicer if spicy.


Butter Milk Bun | B$0.90

Freshly baked buns are served in the morning whereby the boss will walk around tables promoting their buns. San Diann and Clara ordered one from him while I was away and the three of us shared one bun. The bun was soft and buttermilk filling tasted great.


Fried Shrimp Popiah (5 PCS) | B$3.50

The three of us loved their Fried Shrimp Popiah. They were generous with the fillings of thinly sliced vegetables and shrimps, served with their homemade blended chili sauce.


Pie Tee (6 PCS) | B$5.00

I had never tried Pie Tee before this so I had nothing to compare them with. Pie Tee is a deep fried thin and crispy pastry tart, filled with mixture of thinly sliced vegetables. They came with homemade blended chili sauce. These were good but I preferred Fried Shrimp Popiah more.

Unit G2, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Ibrahim Bin Awang Othman,
Simpang: 24, Kampung Menglait,
KM3, Jalan Gadong, BE3919,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2448282