24012017 / MyTown Eating House

Mom, Sister and I went to watch Kung Fu Yoga at The Times Cineplex yesterday evening after work. I booked and paid for the movie tickets online and collected them ten minutes prior to the start of the movie. To be honest, this was my virgin attempt booking and paying for movie tickets via the website and it was so convenient. The story line was rather meh in my opinion but funny though.

Kung Fu Yoga

Anyways, I am trying to clear backlogged blog entries. So, here is my blog entry on my last visit to MyTown Eating House few days before Chinese New Year. I went MyTown Eating House for breakfast in order to kill time before it was time for the collection of my orders at Lucky Restaurant.


MyTown Chicken Pie | B$1.80

I loved the crunchy texture of the crust but pricing was rather too steep for a pie this size. Filling was pretty good in my opinion.


Penang Kway Teow | B$4.50

MyTown Eating House
B1-B3, Block B,
Ground Floor,
The Crown Princess Complex,
KM2.5, Jalan Tutong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2241880


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