12022017 / Ochado Cafe

Lunch today was at Ochado Cafe, located at Little Soho with Jennifer. We chose Ochado Cafe as it will be convenient for us to run our errand at Batu Bersurat after lunch. A friend of mine had been saying that Ochado Cafe serves hot food as well apart from drinks only.


Hot Mocha | B$4.90

I did not feel like having milk tea as I once had their Hot Milk Tea and I did not really like it. Felt like having hot coffee so I went ahead with Hot Mocha. It was okay but rather lacking of both coffee and cocoa taste for me.


Coffeetella Cubes | B$3.90

Served with two big chunks of coffee infused cubes with generous serving of Nutella spread. Pour in the cold milk into the glass with coffee cubes and give it a thorough stir to dissolve the Nutella. Nutella was rather hard to dissolve completely so undissolved Nutella floated on the top.


So, this is how you do it. It was too sweet for Jennifer’s liking so she had quite a bit of leftover. I think it was the coffee cubes which fascinated her more than the Nutella. LOL!


Nasi Lemak with Gulai Chicken | B$6.90

I had this for lunch as I had been craving for Nasi Lemak recently. I am still not over the crave for spicy food. The sambal chili paste was good albeit being slightly salty. It was not spicy but good enough for me. The Gulai Chicken came with two big pieces of meat of a chicken thigh. I am not really a fan of Gulai Chicken but this passed.


Chicken Burger | B$6.90

The chicken fillet was nicely done, generously topped with both mayonnaise and barbecue sauce. The combination of both mayonnaise and barbecue sauce was too sweet for our liking. We both liked this burger but agreed that it would be nicer with less sauce.

Ochado Cafe
Unit 11, Lot 62248,
Little Soho,
Pengakalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422365


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