Of Random Things #92


A special day for the lovebirds but an ordinary day for the singles. I intended to go out for dinner tonight and at the same time to run some errands but decided to stay home and make a start with editing my overdue Singapore blog entries.

Most cafes will be packed today as I had already seen quite a few cafes promoting their Valentine’s Day couple set meals. So, I might as well stay home and eat home-cooked food.

Legend of The Blue Sea

Anyways, I managed to complete watching Legend of The Blue Sea. I started watching it on my flight to Singapore and completed the entire series in within a week. Honestly speaking, the storyline was okay for me but kind of overrated just like Descendants of The Sun. If compared, I preferred the former over the latter at anytime. LOL! And I am now watching …

The Great & Lonely God – Goblin

Honestly speaking, this drama series did not catch my attention in the first place as both leads are not my favorites. During the time when Sister was home for Chinese New Year, she watched this on my TV and I watched an episode with her. I find the storyline funny albeit ridiculous at times. The male lead is a serious guy on the outside but the inner him is a humorous one.

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