Singapore 2017 (Part 3) / Universal Studios Singapore

We started our third day in Singapore early as it will be a long day of sightseeing. After witnessing parents’ reluctance with Western breakfasts, we decided to let them try out the locals’ favorite – Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

After some Google-ing, we chose an outlet which was the closest to where we were at the time and accessibility to the MRT Station as we needed to alight at HarbourFront Station for Sentosa. We took the bus from Ganges Avenue and alighted at the bus stop in front of The Central on Eu Tong Seng Street.


This is how Clarke Quay looked like during the daytime. Honestly speaking, this was my first time being at Clarke Quay during the day as I am usually there in the evening for dinner.

The Central, 6 Eu Tong Seng Street, #01-31, Singapore 059817


Ordering is to be done over the counter and food collection is on self-service basis. Therefore, there is no service charge imposed on top of your total bill. Ya Kun is one of the local favorites but you will see tourists as well.

Apart from the usual Kaya Toast, they are also serving noodle and rice dishes. We ordered two set meals. Each set meal came with either hot tea or coffee and two eggs. You can choose either soft or hard boiled.




Steamed Bread Kaya Set | S$4.80


We ordered Steamed Bread Kaya for Mom as she is not a fan of toasted bread. We love the thick yet soft and fluffy white bread. Something for a change if you do not want “heaty” food.


Kaya Toast with Butter Set | S$4.80


This is the toasted version as compared to the steamed version. What’s unique about this Kaya Toast with Butter is that there was a lemon hint in the butter. I think it was a specialty in certain outlets. We had the same Kaya Toast with Butter at Changi Airport but there was no lemon hint in the butter.


Nasi Lemak Istimewa | S$6.00

This is like the standard Nasi Lemak we have here locally but this one came with various condiments. There were pickled cucumbers which Mom adores and stir fry long beans. The coconut milk infused rice was nice and aromatic. The sambal chili paste had the right spiciness which I was craving for and the chicken was done nicely.


Mee Siam | S$5.20

This was my first ever trial of Mee Siam and it was surprisingly good albeit the oily top. The soup base was slightly sweet and yet sour at the same time. The sourness of the soup makes it even more appetizing. Rice noodle was blanched beforehand and soup poured, topped with cubed tofu puffs, prawns and halved hard boiled egg.

We made our move for Sentosa after breakfast. We got our single entry tickets to Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A Aquarium in a package with unlimited cable car rides for S$118 per person. You may not need to use the tickets for USS and S.E.A Aquarium on the same day. It grants you single entry and valid for 6 months time from the time of purchase.




My first cable car riding experience. It was bit stuffy as there was no air-conditional inside the cable car. All you got is wind from the ventilation. It is good preventive measure for global warming but it was really humid inside when the weather is hot outside. It was cool in the afternoon though on our ride back.







The mandatory shot with the globe. Sister took tons of shots like this. They were all similar and this one was closest to the best. Everyone was crowding to take pictures with the globe nearby the entrance. All you need to do is make a detour to the back so you will not have to squeeze with everyone to get a decent shot. The globe is moving horizontally anyways. LOL!


You can purchase entrance tickets here but we got ours at HarbourFront Centre. It saved us the hassle of queuing. The fare rate is the same anyways.


There are 7 zones in Universal Studios Singapore – Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. We covered all 7 zones and it took us less than three hours if I am not mistaken.

I was caught by surprise to know the size of the entire USS in comparison to Tokyo Disneyland which I had been to last September 2016. USS is only a small fraction of Tokyo Disneyland.








People queuing for Roasted Turkey Legs. I am not sure how good it is but I do not think I will enjoy eating an oily food under the hot sun. I think an ice cold beverage sounds better off under such circumstance. LOL!




We joined most of the adventures in USS apart from Puss In Boots Giant Journey and Revenge of the Mummy from Ancient Egypt. Anything with roller coaster is a no no for me.


Far Far Away








We queued the longest for this Treasure Hunters ride at Ancient Egypt and it was a short ride. I think it was only a five minutes ride. We felt like we had wasted 30 minutes queuing for something which was not really worth the time queuing for.


I think this was probably my favorite picture taken at USS as Sister managed to capture to make my legs looking long and skinny. LOL!


A picture of us taken with Betty Boop. She was the only character whom we encountered at the time we were at USS. I was anticipating Hollywood Dreams Parade as I had missed the day parade at Tokyo Disneyland previously. Unfortunately, Hollywood Dreams Parade was unavailable on Sunday.


When we came across these vintage cars parked outside an American diner, Mom requested for pictures (which is rare as it is hard to ask her to pose for pictures). LOL!


These were our late lunch at USS and guess how much these cost us? S$40+! Dining at USS is such an expensive affair. After we got our tummies filled with these fast food, we left USS and headed for S.E.A Aquarium.

There were not much pictures taken at S.E.A Aquarium but I am still doing a separate blog entry for it. So, do stay tune if you are interested.


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