Review: ChaTraMue, Brunei

ChaTraMue has been around in Brunei for less than two months. Sister and I tried their Cha Yen the next day we came back from Singapore. Visiting ChaTraMue had not been part of our itinerary. We had extra time to kill before meeting up with parents for dinner at Seri Kemayan Restaurant so we decided to drop by ChaTraMue since we were in the area.



One of the props that the owner set up for pictures and Sister found a misplaced wallet on the seat. It was a Cath Kidston long wallet and we had surrendered it to one of the staff members.


Merchandises for sales. I intended to buy a packet of their coffee powder for Mom but was told that it required filtering. I doubt Mom would be pleased to know that she had to filter her coffee before drinking. So, we decided not to get any in the end.


Cha Yen | B$3.50


Cha Yen (Hot) | B$2.90

Both Sister and I had Cha Yen, which is one of their bestsellers. I had mine cold while Sister had hers hot. We requested for less sweet but the staff only got mine sugar reduced while Sister’s Cha Yen remained the same sweetness level. We agreed that the Cha Yen were good but would be nicer with reduced sugar level.


I had mine with “very less sweet” and the sweetness level was just perfect for me. The cup was made with thick plastic hence it is reusable. You can bring them home and use as a tumbler. I brought mine home but I have yet used it to date. LOL!

Unit 8, Simpang: 94,
Kampung Delima,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2344067


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