The bunch and I had breakfast together yesterday morning as it had been quite some time since the last time we met. We were unable to remember when was the last time the whole lot of us met. So, I guess it was really quite some time ago to the extent that we all lose track. LOL!

Shew Hiang was unable to meet us until 11AM. So, it was only Clara, San Diann and I who went breakfast together and we went for round two in the afternoon with Shew Hiang.

As usual, it is my duty to pick the venue for meetup. I ran out of ideas and I am not sure how keen they are with Western breakfast. So, I decided to pick OLDTOWN KOPITIAM. The said kopitiam underwent major refurbishment during last Puasa. And so did their menu.


Wet Crispy Mee Prawn & Chicken with Egg Gravy | B$5.50


Penang Assam Laksa | B$5.50 


Nasi Lemak Special | B$7.00

I had Nasi Lemak Special for breakfast as I will not be eating rice for lunch since Kaylie and I arranged to meet at Baotime for lunch. Nasi Lemak Special comes with a piece of fried chicken and choices of either beef or chicken rendang.

As I do not eat beef, I chose chicken rendang and they came in three pieces. I shared the chicken rendang with my two friends and both sang praises. The fried chicken was nicely done. The sambal chili paste was good but it would be nicer if spicy.


Butter Milk Bun | B$0.90

Freshly baked buns are served in the morning whereby the boss will walk around tables promoting their buns. San Diann and Clara ordered one from him while I was away and the three of us shared one bun. The bun was soft and buttermilk filling tasted great.


Fried Shrimp Popiah (5 PCS) | B$3.50

The three of us loved their Fried Shrimp Popiah. They were generous with the fillings of thinly sliced vegetables and shrimps, served with their homemade blended chili sauce.


Pie Tee (6 PCS) | B$5.00

I had never tried Pie Tee before this so I had nothing to compare them with. Pie Tee is a deep fried thin and crispy pastry tart, filled with mixture of thinly sliced vegetables. They came with homemade blended chili sauce. These were good but I preferred Fried Shrimp Popiah more.

Unit G2, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Ibrahim Bin Awang Othman,
Simpang: 24, Kampung Menglait,
KM3, Jalan Gadong, BE3919,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2448282


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