23022017 / Pelicana Chicken, Brunei

Brunch today was at Pelicana Chicken as Alter Ego was not opened until noon. I need to be at work by 12:45PM and Pelicana Chicken seems to be a viable option as the other eateries in the vicinity were closed until noon.

Business at Pelicana Chicken was pretty good this morning as majority also came with the same reason as us. Pelicana Chicken was one of the few eateries to open at the time.


Chicken Fillet Rice | B$5.50

Decided not to be fussy about brunch since I was already starving at the time and proceeded to order myself a Chicken Fillet Rice. I did not really went through the menu properly before ordering Chicken Fillet Rice, I regretted almost instantly when this was being served in front of me.

I liked that there were deep fried chicken fillet, sunny side up, fragrant rice and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers but not at all a fan of the cheesy sauce drizzled on top of the chicken fillet. The cheesy sauce was too much for me and it covered the fragrance of their fragrant rice. Honestly speaking, I do not mind ordering this again next time but definitely without the cheesy sauce.

Pelicana Chicken
C7, Block C, Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-5-13-18,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1518,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2239933

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