Of Random Things #95

My drawing of a bunny was finally complete yesterday afternoon after two learning sessions at Jo Art Gallery. I signed up for a 4-lessons course two weeks ago and I had used up two lessons. Jo Jo, my instructor had told me to find another drawing which I would like to try out in my next lesson. I will be attempting canvas drawing next.

So, this was what I came up with after my two lessons with Jo Jo in reference to the sample drawing which Sister showed me. According to Sister, this drawing would be simple since it only requires two colors.

Little did I know that it is actually hard for a beginner with no art background. Jo Jo was surprised that I chose this for my amateur artwork and asked why. According to her, it is tough for a beginner due to the furry effects required in the drawing.

I have yet figured out which drawing to attempt next but I will be doing my research soon. Perhaps I should draw something which I love? Any idea?

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