Review: innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser

Seeing that I had been writing quite a bit of food entries recently, I think it is time for a few skincare review blog entries before it became official that I had been eating quite a lot recently. LOL! I still have like one or two food blog entries pending but I think I will cover them later when I am done with a few skincare reviews.

Jennifer and I intended to try the new coffee roaster – Roasted Sip in town tomorrow evening but they are closing at 9PM in the evening, which is considered early for me as I live quite a distance from Roasted Sip. Traveling would at least have taken up half the time. So, we arranged to meet over the weekend.

Anyways, I am trying to use up some of the skincare products which I bought from my last Shanghai and Tokyo vacation. I bought this innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser in Shanghai after trying out the one Sister had been using. She was using innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser which I thought was mild for my skin. I did not like the texture of the cleanser. It came in jelly texture which could not lather as much as I preferred.

innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser

I think this was my second product from innisfree. I seldom buy innisfree products as it is not available locally here in Brunei. We had quite a few Korean skincare brands here in Brunei but not many were able to sustain long in the market apart from a few prominent brands. Surprisingly enough, I only buy innisfree products when I am in Shanghai. Well, it is not hard to find an innisfree outlet in Shanghai.

The cleansing paste came housed in a white plastic squeeze tube packaging with matte finishing. The paste came out easily when squeezed and a small portion goes a long way. The sea salt granules looked visible in the paste but they dissolved when rubbed against your palm with some water. The paste lathers well in my opinion and it smelled refreshing to me. What I love about this product is that it did not leave my skin feeling tight after rinsing off but soft and smooth.

innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser came with 40% of sea salt content and it is the highest as compared to Sea Salt Whipping Cleanser (30%) and Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser (20%). The sea salt acts as an exfoliant, removes keratine and skin waste. Some of you may think that the sea salt granules may be too harsh on the skin for daily usage but I think it acceptable as I can see that my skin complexion is a lot clearer after having used the product for more than a week.

To be honest, I have a sensitive skin condition whereby it easily breaks out if the product does not work well with my skin. Albeit the high content of sea salt, the product is not harsh on my skin. But this is solely subjective to individual’s skin type and condition at the time. What works on my skin may not necessarily works the same with some other skin types.

And here’s what I thought of innisfree Sea Salt Perfect Cleanser in a nutshell:

1. Smells refreshing and light.
2. Sea salt granules act as exfoliant.
3. Not harsh on my skin.
4. Leaves skin soft and smooth after rinsing.
5. Skin complexion is visibly clearer.
6. A little goes a long way.

1. innisfree is not readily available in Brunei.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Price: ¥80

Repurchase? Yes!

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