17032017 / Peppermint Cafe

Jennifer and I had made plan to catch Beauty & The Beast at Times Cineplex for 8PM show this evening. Unfortunately, majority of the seats that we preferred were sold out and the closest furthest one away from the screen was not a favorable one for me. So, we decided to catch the movie some other time instead since it was pretty unlikely that Brunei will be taking down the show but I heard that the movie was banned in Malaysia.

Now that I have the entire evening to myself after having cancelled our arrangement to meet for movie, I decided to go for a pedicure session as my nails were desperately in need of some cleaning, trimming and cleaning. Pedicure session took less than half an hour and it felt so good looking at clean nails! I went for dinner at Peppermint Cafe located in Kiulap after I was done with pedicure.

Peppermint Cafe was originally located in Beribi nearby Starbucks Coffee and Courts Furniture. They had recently moved to Kiulap and it is now located on the same block as Dream Cone and Easyway. There were not much patrons at the time when I arrived apart from a table of three. Therefore, my food was served shortly after the order was placed.

Salmon | B$15.90

onion, creamy tomato sauce, cream sauce, Parmesan cheese, parsley & smoked salmon

It took me quite some time to decide what to eat as I was spoilt with choices. I had wanted to order myself Aglio Olio but I think I had too much of spicy food recently and ordered myself this tomato based pasta instead. Choices of pasta are penne, fusilli and spaghetti.

I had penne and they were slightly overcooked for my liking. I liked that the pasta sauce was flavorful with the right touch of sourness which I love. Portion of smoked salmon was sufficient for me. To be honest, I prefer raw salmon over smoked salmon as the latter is extremely salty for my liking. All in all, this was a good pasta dish but I would have liked it better if the pasta were not overcooked.

Peppermint Cafe
Unit 26, Ground Floor,
Block C, Hau Man Yong Complex,
Lot 42533,
Simpang 88, Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8221888

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