Of Random Things #96

I will be making a trip down to the salon tomorrow morning as my curly roots had grown out and I cannot stand the sight of them anymore. I think I will be going for shoulder length hairstyle again. I quite like myself with shoulder length hair but it requires high maintenance as you need to blow dry your hair straight every morning before leaving the house unless you do not mind having slightly crooked hair on the shoulder.

Will be trying out a new salon this time round as Frances from Alan Inspiration Salon at The Mall had resigned and returned to Malaysia for good. Jennifer recommended me Darren who used to work in Alan Inspiration Salon, Menglait. Sister had gotten her hair done by Darren twice and she quite like what he had done to her hair. So hopefully, I will get what I like too!

Today’s blog entry will cover on the bits and bots (mostly food) of my previous holiday trip to Johor Bahru (JB) and Singapore. As mentioned in my previous few blog entries, Sister and I got into JB with private car service which picked us from Singapore Changi International Airport and dropped us off at Annie’s crib at RM230 flat rate. The good thing about JB private car service is that it runs round the clock.

On our first night in JB, Annie and her friend brought us to TANBA Japanese BBQ located at Taman Molek for dinner. The restaurant was jam packed with diners that evening and you need reservation beforehand. We were being told that they can only accommodate us at 9PM but we managed to secure a table half an hour earlier.

31, Jalan Molek 3/20, Taman Molek, 81100, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

TANBA Japanese BBQ serves both ala carte or buffet style Japanese cuisine. They offer more than 100 dishes to be chosen from the menu at the price of RM88+ during weekends and RM68+ on weekdays. All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 6% government tax. Children can eat for free. 50% discount off the original price for primary school kids and 10% discount for students when student pass or ID presented.

Ordering period is limited to the first two hours starting from the time when the first dish was ordered. However, there is no time restriction for food consumption. Penalty charge will be imposed at RM15 per dish for food wastage. So, do order in moderation as to prevent wastage of food.

Food ordering in process. Annie and her friend did most of the ordering while Sister and I added some of our usual favorites. To be honest, the menu was too extensive that we had a hard time deciding what we wanted to eat. Dinner that evening was so full of meat. LOL!

These were only one third of what we had that evening. I ordered Kimchi Buta Itame as I was craving for Kimchi. It was good and we ordered a second serving. Unfortunately, they were not generous with their Kimchi but I do have to agree that they were extremely generous with the pork belly in the dish though.

We left 30 minutes to 12 midnight and I was already knackered by then. Super exhausted from the day event as I started off early. I woke up 6AM in the morning and left home for the airport quarter past seven in the morning. We were stuck on the road for approximately two hours getting into JB.

The next day … 

It was a free and easy itinerary the next day as Annie and Steven had a seminar course to attend. We took Uber from her place to AEON in Tebrau City. We had brunch at Just Want Coffee and Durian Baked Cheese Tart from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart as dessert.

Durian Baked Cheese Tart | RM6

This was extremely delicious but sinful. Sister mentioned that she was not feeling up for dessert. So, I got us one to share. The filling was creamy and filled with strong aroma of durian. It was freshly out of the oven not long ago at the time when I purchased it.

As both Sister and I did not feel like waking up early in the dawn to catch our ride back to Singapore for our respective flights on Monday morning, we decided to get into Singapore the day before and spent half the day there. We booked our accommodation on short notice. Sister tried to book us a room at Carlton Hotel located nearby City Hall Station via Ctrip but the booking did not go through. So, I ended up booking V-Hotel Lavender through Agoda.

Shortly after we checked into our accommodation for the night, Sister and I took the MRT to Bugis and we window shopped around the area. I wanted to go Ah Chew Desserts but it was pouring heavily at the time. So, we resorted to early dinner at one of the food courts around the area. Food options in Singapore are WAY TOO EXTENSIVE and we always had the same dilemma whenever we were thinking of a place to sort out our meals.

Pear & Fig Pork Rib Soup | S$6

Sister and I had this to share and it was extremely good. The soup was sweet from the pear, fig and pork ribs. The soup was cooked with double boiling method which made the flesh on the pork ribs soft and tender. Bugis Soup Master is located at Food Junction @ Bugis Junction.

On the day departing from Singapore … 

Hours before we were due to head Singapore Changi International Airport for our respective return flights, Sister and I had breakfast at Kitchener Complex located across the street from V-Hotel Lavender. Toast Box was our first choice but the queue was horrendous and seating was limited at the time. So, we resorted to a Penang food restaurant few shops away from Toast Box.

Char Kueh Tiaw

Fried White Beehoon 

So, this summed up the bits and bots of our previous short JB and Singapore trip earlier this month.

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