Of Random Things #98

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I had been eating clean for days for detoxifying purpose as my body felt bloated from all the wheat consumption recently. The downside of clean eating is that you get hungry shortly after you had your meal. It reminded me of what I went through two years ago when I started my diet regime.

I went to bed hungry most of the nights and breakfast was my most anticipated meal of the day as I can eat in bigger portion despite it being greens and whole kernel corns, topped with some Italian dressing only. On some days, I had a hard boiled egg or poached chicken breast fillet as well. Apart from eating greens during this detoxing period, perhaps I should consider other clean eating alternatives? Any suggestion?

Introverted Boss

Anyways, I had started watching Introverted Boss this morning when I had completed watching episode 8 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The viewer ratings of the former was surprisingly pretty low as compared to the latter. Perhaps it had to do with the popularity of the casts in Introverted Boss?

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