09042017 ~ 10042017 / Miri Food Hunts

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. I had been busy with drama marathon over the past few days. I had not been a Taiwanese series fan for quite some time but Behind Your Smile has been good enough to get me hooked. I am currently on episode 12 and 7 more episodes till the series ends.

Without further ado, let’s get started with what I intended to blog for today. Today’s blog entry will be a compilation of the food and cafes which both Jennifer and I tried while in Miri.

I set out from home around 9:30AM to pick up Jennifer from her place. While I was on the way to her place, a colleague called up and said that she would like to join me to Miri for an emergency errand. I made a detour and picked her up first before picking Jennifer. By the time the three of us were all safely tucked behind the wheels, it was 11AM when we started our journey to Miri. Traffic was smooth and we reached Miri before 1PM.

I got all my errands sorted out by 3:30PM and we were all starving by then. A friend recommended us Pelita area for late lunch. Unfortunately, I missed the exit to Pelita when I was in the area. So, we decided to check into our hotel first before heading out to look for food. Having previously tried the sandwich at Le Cafe Pullman located in the lobby area of Pullman Miri Waterfront, I suggested to Jennifer that we eat some light bites prior to heading to Cake Rush for our daily dose of caffeine.

Ground Floor, Pullman Miri Waterfront, Miri, Sarawak

Apple & Carrot Juice | RM16.00

Red Rueben | RM16.00

pastrami with 1000 island dressing and cabbage pickle

V-Spot (Vegetarian) | RM16.00

vegetables with cheddar cheese and baked pumpkin

Jennifer had Red Rueben while I had V-Spot. We both agreed that the sandwich bread was good. The top and base had a good crunchy texture and the bread was soft and fluffy. However, the baked pumpkin in my V-Spot looked pathetic. They were baked in cubes and under baked in my opinion as they had a crunchy texture when chewed. To be honest, I was expecting baked pumpkin slices instead of pumpkin cubes.

Lot 862, Ground Floor, Jalan Permaisuri, Miri, Sarawak

After finishing our sandwiches at Le Cafe Pullman, we drove out to the city centre. We made our first stop at Cake Rush for our daily caffeine fix and at the same time collect some of the stuffs which my colleagues had left for me.

Uji Matcha Latte | RM10.00

Cafe Latte | RM9.00

Chocolate Cake | RM8.00

I ordered myself a Uji Matcha Latte while Jennifer had regular Cafe Latte. She was intrigued to try their Vanilla Lavender Latte but decided to go for Cafe Latte in case she did not like what she tasted. We both agreed that the coffee arts looked good on our coffees. I would say that the barista skill had increased tremendously as compared to my first and second visit.

There were not much options for desserts at the time we arrived as most of their cakes were sold out. I got ourselves Chocolate Cake to share. I am not much of a chocolate cake person but I like their Chocolate Cake as the sweetness was just right for my liking.

Lot 1359, Ground Floor, Block 9, MCLD, 98000, Miri, Sarawak

We had dinner pretty late and it was nearing 9PM when we had our dinner. 萬香生肉面 was not our first intention but we could not decide what we want to eat and I got rather restless after making countless turns around the area looking for a place which caught our fancies. We decided to settle down with 萬香生肉面 since I quite like what I had on my first visit. So, I thought why not let Jennifer try it too?

Mee Soup | RM7.40

Jennifer had this. According to her, it was good despite the soup base being tad bit salty. Her soup noodle came with yellow noodles. All in all, it was good.

萬香生肉面 Kolok Kueh Tiaw | RM7.40

All 萬香生肉面 comes with a bowl of soup that contains thinly sliced pork with some innards if you prefer. I had mine with innards as I do like them once in a while. I do not eat pig innards often as they are high in cholesterol level. There are three types of noodles which you could choose from – yellow noodles, rice vermicelli and kueh tiaw. As usual, kueh tiaw is my go to.

The kueh tiaw were cooked to my liking and tossed in some dark soya sauce with red onion for aroma. The portion was too generous for me and I ended up with at least half of the noodles as leftover. Presentation may not looked good but it was a pretty decent bowl of kolok kueh tiaw. I do not mind having it plain without the soup actually.

Lot 2286-2288, Ground Floor, Bulatan Commercial Centre, 98000, Miri, Sarawak

Jennifer and I intended to try out The Blue Rabbit for lunch on the next day before returning to Bandar. I remembered it was located at Marina Square area but the map which I used directed me to Bulatan Commercial Centre. I did not bother to do further research on the accuracy of the map and it turned out that we were led to the wrong place.

We could not be bothered to return to Marina Square and resorted to having lunch in the area. It was lunch hour at the time and we were quite likely to be stuck in traffic congestion. I am not very familiar with Miri roads so I would not even dream of being stuck in a traffic jam especially during peak hours.

Dim Sum | RM4.20 each

Curry Sauce Pork Cutlet | RM6.80

To be honest, this was not what I was expecting when placing order. I was expecting a Chinese style pork curry instead of a Japanese version of curry. However, both Jennifer and I agreed that the curry sauce complimented the pork cutlet well. The pork cutlet was fried to our liking as it was able to maintain the juiciness.

So, this summed up our food journey in Miri last week. Despite having mentioned so many cafes to Jennifer prior to our trip, we failed to try at least one of the cafes which I had done my researches before the trip.


2 thoughts on “09042017 ~ 10042017 / Miri Food Hunts

  1. wah! how fast u drove ah? 11am start jalan & can reach miri by 1pm, steady lah 🙂
    u start jalan from BSB kah?

    • Erm … I think I maintained the speed of 100 – 120 mph all the way on the highway and reduce when necessary? LOL! I started the journey from Kilanas as I picked up two friends on the way.

      I don’t think I really drove that fast though coz I can only reach Sungai Tujoh in two hours on normal occasion if I start from home and I live around Mentiri area.

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