Of Random Things #101

I had finally finished watching both Behind Your Smile and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Both were good but the latter is a must watch if you have not. It was funny and yet cute at the same time. I have yet figured out which drama series to follow next but I think I will go ahead with Back to 1989 as online viewers’ ratings had been high despite my colleague mentioned to me that she did not like the storyline.

I had previously downloaded the entire series when it was just airing early last year but to find that the quality of the videos did not meet my expectation recently. So, I searched high and low for higher resolution videos. I managed to find a source which provides 1080P resolution. It was good quality but the sizes were huge. It was more than 2GB per episode. LOL!

Back to 1989

I am currently on Episode 1 and it was so far so good for me. I am curious of the hype about this drama series in the first place. Good looking leads, maybe? Both leads seem to be the power couple of the year when the drama was aired.

While I was transferring some drama series to Jennifer’s external hard disk at Flour & Butter Cafe the other day, we chatted about the storyline of the drama series which I had downloaded. To her, she thought that I had watched most of the drama series which I downloaded as I seem to know the storyline well. To be honest, I think I had only watched like less than half of the series which I downloaded.

I normally download them when they were first aired and keep for later use. The downloading websites which I frequents sometimes takes down series as soon as they were done airing due to patent rights, especially the Korean ones. However, I also do realize that I watched less of the Cantonese drama series nowadays. I had been trying to watch more of the drama series which do not require me to look at the subtitles for understanding.

Mind Hunter

I think I will watch Mind Hunter at the same time since I do not need subtitle to understand the drama. I had watched bits and bots of the episodes as I downloaded and it looked good to me.

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