Singapore 2017 (Part 4) / S.E.A Aquarium

Here comes my last installment of our family trip to Singapore earlier this year during Chinese New Year. The reason why this blog entry came so overdue was that I had completely forgotten about this part of the trip. We covered S.E.A Aquarium on the same day as Universal Studios Singapore as it came bundled in a tour package we signed up for.

After gotten our tummy fixed with lunch, the four of us moved on to S.E.A Aquarium. The queue was long at first due to the lack of staff at the admission counter but it was resolved when another staff came to open up another admission counter. I am not going to write much in this blog entry but I will let the pictures do all the talking. LOL!

It took us less than an hour and a half to complete the tour inside S.E.A Aquarium. I think the four of us were not so interested in sea life as compared to botanical at Gardens by the Bay.

Played with the stuffed toys selling in the gift shop located nearby the exit of S.E.A Aquarium. We did not get anything for ourselves as the price was pretty steep and they will be left collecting dust on our bed anyways.

Pikachu was just leaving as we took the elevator up to the Ground Floor area. I think Pikachu spotted me trying to snap a picture and it was nice of him or her to do a turn around for a short while before leaving.

Our dinner was sorted at the Kopitiam outlet located inside Vivo City. We were starving and parents were looking tired from all the walking so we did not bother to look for options but settled with the easiest and quickest one.

Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw | B$5.00

Curry Laksa | B$5.00

I ordered myself a bowl of Curry Laksa as I was craving for something hot and spicy at the time. It was really burning hot and I ended up unable to finish even half of the noodles. Sister shared some with me and complained about the spiciness. I returned to the hotel with a weak bowel until the next morning due to the spiciness of the broth.

So, this summed up my entire Singapore trip earlier this year during Chinese New Year.

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