21042017 / Nursyuhaidah Restaurant & Catering Services

Given the name of the restaurant, one could easily mistook the restaurant as one that serves local Malay cuisine. However, it is surprisingly a Thai cuisine restaurant. I recall a reader once recommended me this restaurant for Thai cuisine apart from the usual locals’ favorites like Sweet Lemongrass Restaurant and Sawadee House.

Thai cuisine was not my first priority the other night but Excapade Shokudo was packed and they could only accommodate me at the high table, which I am not at all keen of. I decided to try something new and ended up at Nursyuhaidah Restaurant & Catering Services. The restaurant was pretty packed that day.

Pad Thai | B$5.00

Decided to go for the basic and ordered myself Pad Thai. This took a while to be served as the restaurant was quite full at the time. The usual fare comes with several pieces of shrimps but I requested mine to be cooked with chicken instead. It came with a small portion of red chili flakes, crushed peanuts, a teaspoon of white sugar and halved lime.

Portion was generous for one. However, I do find their noodle was rather undercooked in my opinion. They should have let the noodle soaked for a longer time as the noodle was rather hard in texture for my liking. I felt bloated by the end of the meal. Flavor wise, it was done perfectly with hint of sweetness in the noodles.


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