Of Random Things #102

Haven’t been watching much drama series recently after finishing Behind Your Smile and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I decided to take a break from downloading as my Internet quota seems to be running low at the moment. I do not want to risk having slow or no Internet when the quota hits the cap limit. Downloading Back to 1989 had used up nearly one third of my download quota and I still have at least of the half of the series download in pending.

Tomorrow With You

I had wanted to start watching Sweet Stranger and Me the other day but the synopsis of Tomorrow With You looked more appealing to me. The recently released Korean drama series looked so so to me to be honest apart from My Secret Romance. I had started downloading it but decided to wait until it had completed airing before watching it.

Celebrity Bromance

I had also starting watching Celebrity Bromance which I downloaded quite some time ago. I did not download the complete series but season 3 and 4. It is a Korean reality show whereby two male celebrities were selected in a season to go on a road trip together.

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