Of Random Things #103

I am finally getting my day off this Sunday after more than 10 days of full day shift. It was Jennifer’s birthday yesterday so we will be going for lunch on Sunday as a birthday treat from me. We have not decided on the venue as she has not come up with one yet. Since it is her birthday, I let her choose the venue. So, where the venue be would depends on her craving on the day. LOL!

Anyways, I had finally tried the new Dairy Farmers dessert yogurt which I bought from Supa Save, Mata-Mata the other day. Supa Save had brought in three new flavors – Golden Caramel, Chocolate & Raspberry and Chocolate & Coconut. I got myself Chocolate & Raspberry.

Texture wise, I think it was not as creamy as the regular ones from Dairy Farmers but it was definitely not as sweet as the Yellow Box Honey which I usually buy. To be honest, I think I prefer their regular yogurt as compared to this dessert yogurt. However, this is definitely a healthier dessert option when you are craving for ice-cream.


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