30042017 / Flour & Butter Cafe

Three blog entries in a day! An achievement unlocked as I do not usually do so. LOL! Well, I had too much time to kill at the moment as I am waiting for the dough of my hot dog buns to be ready from proofing in the bread machine.

I am not sure if it is going to be a success but I am hoping that it will be. I am going to try out two versions – steam and oven bake. I had bought two packets of Ayamas chicken frankfurters. Mom is not keen of baked goods as compared to steamed ones as she is extremely ulcer prone.

Anyways, here comes my blog entry of my visit to Flour & Butter Cafe this afternoon with Jennifer after our lunch at Kausar Cafe. Choices of cakes were limited as there were only 6 – Salted Caramel Orange Tall Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Tiramisu Crepe Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Cheese Cake and Black Forest Peanut Butter Cake.

Latte | B$5.00

Mocha | B$5.50

Tiramisu Crepe Cake | B$4.50

Out of the 6 choices of cakes, this was one of the two which I have yet tried. I decided to go for Tiramisu Crepe Cake as I am not fan of a Salted Caramel Cheesecake. The both of us could not finish this as we find the whipped cream rather too much for our liking. The crepe was done perfectly though and they did not break when sliced through. The taste of coffee was very distinctive.

Peanut Butter Black Forest Cake | B$5.50

This is one of my favorite cake at Flour & Butter Cafe, loaded with generous portion of black cherries, sandwiched in between layers of whipped cream and thin layers of peanut butter. Presentation was not appealing at first glance as the cake was placed in a sleeping position instead of standing position like the Tiramisu Crepe Cake.

Jennifer thought that the taste of peanut butter was subtle at first. That was because the parts which she ate did not have much peanut butter. So, I asked her to try the area which peanut butter was visible from the outside. LOL! And yeah, she agreed it was a good combination. I think you must love both in order to enjoy this combination?

Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323 

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