08052017 / Dessert Master, Miri

I drove to Miri on a short day trip course because I needed to get my annual body check done. Set out from home as early as 5:40AM as I needed to pick up a colleague on the way and we arrived Sungai Tujoh Checkpoint nearing 8AM. The weather did not look promising as I set out from home and the road was wet in certain parts of the highway but the weather started to look up when we reached Tutong and Kuala Belait.

By the time I was done with my annual body check and medical consultation, it was nearing 1PM. So, I drove Mom out with me to Bintang Megamall as I wanted to stock up on my daily moisturizer. I wanted to get one from Shiseido but the BA was away for lunch break and I got Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream instead.

It was nearing 2:30PM when Mom and I had our lunch. There was nothing much for us to eat at Bintang Megamall apart from fast food which Mom was not at all keen of and I was too lazy to drive to Marina Square for food. So, I drove to Boulevard area to hunt for lunch so that it would be easier for my colleague to meet us up to drive back to Bandar.

It had been quite some time since I last had dessert at Dessert Master. I had always wanted to visit Dessert Master the last few times whenever I was in Miri but timing was always bad. So, I decided to make a trip this time round since we were nearby for lunch.

Tauhu Fa (Hot) | RM2.70

Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball | RM4.80

This is my usual favorite at Dessert Master. Their glutinous rice ball comes with two options for filling – black sesame and peanut. I went for the former as I love black sesame filled glutinous rice ball. The soup was sweet and yet tasted gingerly at the same time. A good dessert option in a cool weather except the weather was pretty hot yesterday. LOL!

Banana Fritters with Durian Ice Cream | RM5.30

I think Mom was craving for durian as she had been looking at the Thai durians when we were at Supa Save, Mata-Mata few evenings ago. So, I got us this Banana Fritters with Durian Ice Cream. The ice-cream was topped with durian paste and it was good. The banana fritters were however average for me as I did not like the batter. It was not as crunchy as I liked it to be.

Dessert Master
Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri,
East Malaysia
Tel: +6-0168866768


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