Of Random Things #106

I had been feeling rather uncomfortable recently due to the herbal supplements which I had been taking. It was nothing to worry apart from the occasional body sore and aches around here and there. LOL! Sister will be coming home at the end of this month and I managed to get her to buy me some baking supplies from Taobao.

And guess what I bought this time round? I got a tub of Valrhona Dutch processed cocoa powder. I had seen many baking bloggers who used this particular brand of cocoa powder when they were baking chocolate cakes or bread.

I do not remember seeing Valrhona at LeApple Bakery Mart or anywhere else here in Brunei. I remember searching for it while I was in Singapore earlier this year but I could not find it. Or perhaps I went to the wrong store?

I even got Sister to get me this yeast measuring tool as well. I find it quite hard to weigh yeast on a kitchen scale. So, I yeast measuring tool would be God send.

And bamboo charcoal powder as well! A cousin of mine once bought me a small packet from Kuching couple of years ago but I had stopped bread baking at the time when I got the item. So, it was left to rot until it had reached it’s maximum shelf life. LOL!


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