Of Random Things #107

The gang made plan to meet up for dinner at Prego Mauri tonight but I decided to take a rain check as I am trying to eat clean in these two days. My body had been feeling rather bloated recently and my tummy is getting bigger in size.

It was probably due to the junk food which I had been eating recently. So, it is time to cut short on them. The bad thing about eating junk food is that once you start, it is hard to stop unless you have a kick ass strong perseverance. It has been at least a week or more since I last did baking and I am going to bake tonight. I had found a recipe online which I felt like trying. It is Black Sesame Red Bean Buns.

Anyways, I had started watching the first episode of The Liar and His Lover the other day and I find it rather boring in my opinion. So, I started up watching two other drama series instead.

Lucifer (Season 2)

My Secret Romance

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