Of Random Things #108

I did a short yoga workout yesterday evening before sleep with the guidance of an app – Daily Yoga. Unfortunately, I ended up with slightly nausea after finishing the yoga workout. I could not be sure what caused the nausea. Sister said it could be that I drank water before my yoga practice or my body was tense during the workout.

Anyways, I started catching up on Korean drama series after having finished a season of both Lucifer and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. My Secret Romance had finished airing yesterday evening.

I recommended Sister Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and she agreed that the drama series was funny. She also mentioned that it was weird to recruit a female as a security guard to protect the male lead but I guess that was the selling point of the drama.

Anyways, I was looking for a new drama series to catch after having finished the first season of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and I decided to settle with The Heirs. The said drama series was first aired many years ago and I stopped watching it when I found the storyline to be rather predictable. So, let’s hope that I would be able to finish the entire series this time round.

The Heirs


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