02062017 / Bung’eo

Sorry for the lack of update recently as I do not feel motivated to blog at times especially when I am feeling all tired from work during the day. All I wanted to do is to laze around and catch up on the Korean drama series which I had been following.

Now that it is the fasting month, I usually spend my day off at home during the day and go out for dinner with some friends during the night. However, I am being productive during the day despite staying home. I usually do baking as I had ample time in hand to kill apart from watching Korean drama series.

And guess what I am baking this morning? It is the Japanese Shokupan Condensed Milk Sandwich Bread! I decided to bring out the bread pan which Sister bought me from Shanghai for a good use today. I am not sure how it is going to turn out but hopefully, it will be for the better good.

Anyways, let me show you what I had for dessert some time earlier this month. I was craving for something sweet after dinner as it did not fulfill my craving at the time. I dropped by Bung’eo as they were having Matcha as one of the flavors for the week.

Matcha Soft-Serve | B$3.50

I had Matcha soft-serve served in a small sized taiyaki (fish waffle). They did not make a big batch of the taiyaki at the same time hence they made fresh one for me after placing the order. The taiyaki was served hot which was heavenly good with the Matcha soft-serve.

The Matcha soft-serve was not too sweet, just perfect for my liking. I requested for Kit Kat as topping, which was an additional 50 cents charge. I think I would request for no rainbow sprinkler next time. It did make the soft-serve looking more appealing but I am not keen about them.

Unit 28, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Simpang: 13-41,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7183883


2 thoughts on “02062017 / Bung’eo

    • The person who made my Taiyaki soft-serve ice-cream did it nicely the other day. I once had a rather not appealing looking one previously.

      The Taiyaki was too big in size, making the soft-serve ice-cream looking small and pale in comparison. But the one I had the other day was perfectly done. The dough was soft and yet chewy at the same time.

      They came in two sizes – small and large. The large one comes with filling nearby the tail of the Taiyaki. The filling could be custard, Nutella or red bean paste. Apart from Taiyaki soft-serve ice-cream, they are also serving plain Taiyaki with filling!

      You should try the one that you in Sydney. It makes a refreshing dessert on a hot day. =D

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