Of Random Things #110

Sorry for the lack of update for the past weeks as work had been hectic. I only arrived home like quarter to midnight on every evenings nowadays. But thankfully, it will only lasts for another few days before my schedule is back on usual track.

Anyways, I will be going to Singapore for a short trip some time next month for some errands. I will be meeting both Andrea and Patrick this time round as I did not get to do so on both my Singapore trips earlier this year. Dates have yet been confirmed yet as my original intended dates were postponed due to an unforeseen circumstance. So hopefully, I can take the week after.

Now that my Singapore trip is almost official with only dates hanging in the air, I think I can start planning for my trip. Sightseeing is definitely not in the itinerary as I do not have time but yes to cafe hopping and shopping. LOL! Andrea and I intended to try out this Harry Potter themed cafe called Platform 1094.

Anyways, I had finally finished watching The Heirs last Sunday and had started watching Healer after much recommendation from Sister. I think the main reason is because she likes Ji Chang Wook, the male lead. LOL!


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