Of Random Things #111

Things got a little bit intense at work today. I am hoping that the air will clear tomorrow and there will be no consequence leading to it. However on the bright side, the date for our Singapore trip is almost confirmed. We will be flying in to Singapore in mid July for a couple of days to run some errands.

Well, I am just tagging along as Sister needs a second opinion when it comes to some decision making. So, I took it as my year end holiday. Hopefully, I will be able to start planning the itinerary by tomorrow as I have yet booked my ticket and hotel.

Anyways, I had finally finished watching Healer and it was not bad to be honest. I had initially contemplated whether to follow on with The K2 or Suspicious Partner. The former had finished airing while the latter has not. I gave in in the end and started with Suspicious Partner instead.

Suspicious Partner

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