17072017 / Singapore 2017 Day 5

I am finally coming to the last day of my Singapore trip last week. The last day was a free and easy day for us as we managed to get all our agendas sorted out. We took our time to get ready in the morning. I told Sister that we should at least try a breakfast cafe while in Singapore. She agreed and forfeited her complimentary buffet breakfast at Prego and off we went to hunt for breakfast cafe.

Before going to Singapore, we thought that our schedule would be jam packed with accommodation hunting. So, I did not do any homework for cafe hunting prior to the trip. But surprisingly, we got our agendas sorted out quicker than anticipated. I did a last minute research the night before and came up with Drury Lane but reviews were average to me. I found Cafe Melba and it happened to be located in between Fairmont Hotel and VivoCity.

Instead of taking the MRT, we took the bus from Fairmont Hotel to Cafe Melba which was about 15 minutes bus journey. We almost missed our stop as the bus did not stop along the way. The nearest bus stop to Cafe Melba is Bef Wilkinson Road. The cafe is on your left when alighting from the bus. It is located inside Goodman Art Centre.

90 Goodman Road, Goodman Art Centre, Block N #01-56, Singapore 439053

It was a weekday morning on the day when we visited so the cafe was quiet. All tables are equipped with an iPad for order placement. There is no physical menu booklet. I can see that quite a number of cafes in Singapore are slowly adapting to the concept of “electronic food ordering”.

Herb Sauteed Mushroom | S$12

Mozzarella Stuffed Potato Rosti | S$18

Sister and I ordered these two to share. I had sent both pictures to Andrea and Jennifer. Andrea asked what were those two round shaped thingy on the plate. She thought they were rice balls while Jennifer thought that they were mozzarella balls! If you were wondering too, those two white balls were poached eggs. The food were okay in my opinion but without the wow factor.

We took the bus from Cafe Melba to VivoCity after breakfast. Having spent days in Singapore, I find commuting by bus is way for convenient and time saving as compared to the MRT. But of course, you must have a good sense of direction in locating the bus stops.

I got a small pack of Garrett Matcha flavored popcorn while waiting for Sister to cash in her money at the ATM. It will only be available for a limited period of time. So, do get yours quick if you love Matcha too!

We shopped in VivoCity for about two hours before we decided that our legs needed some rest. I had been telling Sister that McDonald in Singapore has this limited edition Nasi Lemak Burger in conjunction to their National Day celebration. We were unable to find a McDonald outlet in VivoCity (we did not search thoroughly enough) and resorted to the nearest restaurant that our legs could bring us. We made do with Monster Curry.

1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity #02-126/127/129, Singapore 098565

Matcha Azuki | S$4.50

Pork Katsu Curry | S$13

Curry Monster is well known for their jumbo size curry consisting of varieties of toppings. The portion was good for two as we saw majority patrons who came in pairs went for their jumbo size curry. I am not a fan of seafood so I went ahead with their regular size Pork Katsu Curry.

I liked their pork cutlets. They were deep fried to perfection and not dry. The curry sauce comes with different level of intensity of spiciness. We chose mildly spicy as Sister is not much of a spicy eater as compared to me.

#01-93 VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585

榴莲忘返 | S$8

durian & Thai black glutinous rice in vanilla sauce

Our last food stop before leaving VivoCity was Honeymoon Dessert. We were not hungry at the time but the need to rest our tired legs. I can feel my body being weak as my time of the month was approaching at the time when I was in Singapore.

We had McDonald for dinner on our last day in Singapore. We made an effort to locate the nearest McDonald outlet from Fairmont Hotel. Instead of searching for the location online, we went down to the lobby and approached a porter to tell us the nearest McDonald outlet.

Nasi Lemak Burger (Set Meal) | S$12.90

A Nasi Lemak Burger set meal came with Bandung McFizz, Nasi Lemak Burger, Coconut Pie and fries. The Coconut Pie was a no no for me but the Nasi Lemak Burger was good. You get what you are having for a normal Nasi Lemak but minus the coconut rice. The deep fried crispy chicken was coconut flavored. The sambal sauce was sweet and yet spicy at the same time.

I am finally done with my Singapore travelogue blog entry and thank you for staying tune! It is time to hit the sack as I needed to wake up early to cook lunch tomorrow morning.

15072017 / Singapore 2017 Day 3

I will be blogging of my skincare loots very soon but it will be after I am done blogging about my Singapore trip. Hopefully, it will be up the latest by the end of this week. I will be covering the third day of my Singapore trip today.

Both Sister and I started the day early as the agenda of the day was accommodation hunting. The realtor arranged to pick us up from the lobby entrance at 10PM and she arrived on the dot. We went for breakfast at 8AM and still had extra time to spare after breakfast. So, we chilled in the room until it was time to meet the realtor at the hotel lobby.

We viewed 7 properties in a day, four in the morning and another three after lunch. As we had plenty of time to spare, we had the luxury to eat lunch slowly as compared to the second day. We had our lunch in a smaller shopping mall called The Grandstand. There were plenty of food choices to choose from and but we settled with the one our eyes first laid on.

#01-08 The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994

Cubano One | S$12.90

tender “mojo” pork belly and sauce, honey-baked ham, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo & jalapenos

Sister had this and I seriously preferred this over my Wild Mushroom & Truffle Cream. The only downside was it could be tad bit spicy if you cannot take spiciness much. I personally find the spicy level just fine for me.

Wild Mushroom & Truffle Cream | S$14.90

shiitake mushrooms & house-made mushroom puree in a white truffle cream sauce, penne

I had this pasta dish as I was craving for pasta the other day. Unfortunately, it was pretty much of a letdown for me as the pasta were under cooked in my opinion. The portion was pretty generous though. However, I think this pasta dish would have been better if the pasta was nicely done.

After we were done the second round of property viewing in the afternoon, the realtor dropped us off at J’s place and off we went for high tea at Tiong Bahru Bakery located nearby her house as she needed to walk Stanley. I did not have any food picture taken at Tiong Bahru Bakery as I was too tired to do so. We chatted for a bit until it is time for us to return to the hotel and get ready for dinner.

We did not have anything planned for the evening so we walked around Raffles City and had our dinner sorted out at Osaka Ohsho as Sister was craving for Japanese omelette rice.

#B1-75 Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103

Fuwatoro Tenshin Han | S$12.90

This rice dish costs $10.90 for ala carte but we added on another S$2 for 6 pieces of Japanese Gyoza. The omelette was extremely smooth and silky. The omelette was rather bland in my opinion but the gravy compensated well the blandness.

So, this summed up my third day and coming up tomorrow is the last day itinerary of my last Singapore trip. Do stay tune if you are interested. See ya …

Of Random Things #112

I slept earlier yesterday evening than usual and got my much needed rest. I slept pretty late the night before and ended up feeling like a zombie at work. Mom wanted to get a haircut before she is leaving for Shanghai tomorrow morning. So, I drove her downtown and got myself some pampering session at the salon too.

We went to Hua Ho Manggis on the way home as I needed to get a new external hard disk as the current one is running out of space. I intended to redeem a portion of my SCB reward points but both eKiosk which I visited today were under service maintenance.

I purchased the cheapest one available since they were all of the same capacity. They are the same thing to be honest but only different with branding. I got this for B$89 only when Transcend costs B$99.

I had finally completed watching Suspicious Partner. It took me quite long to finish this series as compared to the others from before. I am downloading some new series as I am drafting this blog entry. As I mentioned earlier, Mom is leaving for Shanghai tomorrow morning to visit Sister. So, I am now downloading some of the drama series which she missed.

Did I mention that I broke my Sandisk iXpand on the plane when returning from Singapore to Brunei? Despite the gadget is still under warranty period, I doubt I would be able to get a replacement since it broke due to negligence? So, I got Sister to get a new one for me from Taobao but with a bigger capacity.

Now that I do not have my Sandisk iXpand anymore, I have to make do with transferring the drama series into my iPad via iTunes and these are what I am currently having in my iPad …

My Sassy Girl 2017

The Bride of Habaek

The Unlawful Justice Squad

I started downloading this drama series this morning and it is still airing as we speak. However, it is weird that my TV was unable to play this drama series so I had to transfer them to my iPad instead. There must be a reason why the TV was unable to support but my iPad could.

22072017 / Sulbingsoo

It is time to call a temporary break from all the food entries of my recent Singapore trip last week. Went for dessert after dinner at Sulbingsoo yesterday evening. It was supposed to be a caffeine break at Starbucks Coffee but detoured to Sulbingsoo for Korean shaved ice dessert instead. I was intrigued to try their Tiramisu Bingsoo at first but then decided not to as I did not like the texture of their cheesecake of Mango Cheesecake Bingsoo on my last visit.

Matcha Bingsoo | B$14.80

Ordered their Matcha Bingsoo to share and was surprised to find that it fared more than Mango Cheesecake Bingsoo. We requested for separation of the red beans from the shaved ice. So, the staff served us the red beans in a separate mini bowl.

The red beans were rather undercooked in my opinion. Matcha Bingsoo came served with Matcha sweet sauce which I hid behind the bowl. To be honest, I think there was nothing to rave about their Matcha Bingsoo. I would say the pricing is steep given the portion?

Unit B7, Ground Floor,
Shakirin Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8305614

16072017 / Singapore 2017 Day 4

On the second and last day of our home searching, I had my breakfast in the room while Sister had her complimentary breakfast buffet at Prego. The realtor picked us up from the lobby entrance around 10AM and off we went for our second series of home searching. We covered 9 properties that day and basically had no luxury to have lunch properly. We made do with Cheers and had wraps on the go.

After we were done home searching for the day, the realtor sent us back to the home of Sister’s colleague and we went out for afternoon tea together. Sister’s colleague (let’s call her J) intended to bring us to another pet friendly cafe in the neighborhood but we stumbled across Flock Cafe on the way. So, we decided to just have our afternoon tea at Flock Cafe instead as it was one of the highly recommended cafes in Singapore by Andrea.

78 Moh Guan Terrace #01-25, Singapore 162078

This was my second visit to Flock Cafe as I had been there couple of years ago on my second visit to Singapore. As we have a pet with us, we need a place which has outdoor dining and Flock Cafe was just perfect at the time.

Say hello to Stanley! I am not sure what breed Stanley is but I think he is a Terrier. Correct me if I am wrong. I snapped a few candid shots of him but this was the best one in my collection.

Genmaicha Latte | S$6.50

I requested for a regular Matcha Latte but they did not have it. One of the staffs recommended me their Genmaicha Latte instead. It was pretty good despite being tad bit sweet. I think the sweetness came from the matcha powder itself. So, it was all good.

Carrot Cake | S$8

Sister wanted to try their Matcha Cake but the customers before us snapped the cake while they placed their orders. So, I got us the last piece of Carrot Cake available. It was good but the frosting was sweet. All in all, it was a good slice.

Pork Cheek Burger | S$18

braised pork cheek, cheddar, slaw, tomatoes, lettuce, Dijon mustard, mayo served with side of Cajun fries

I always crave for fries whenever my time of the month is approaching. Upon ordering, I asked if they serve regular fries and was being told they only have Cajun Fries. As I was checking their menu, I told Sister that Flock Cafe is well known for their Pork Cheek Sandwich. So, we got ourselves a Pork Cheek Burger to share and it came with Cajun Fries on the side. The texture of pork cheek was extremely tender. It has the texture like mashed up cooked tuna flesh with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

After our tea break at Flock Cafe, J walked us back to Tiong Bahru MRT Station and off we returned to Fairmont Hotel to freshen up a bit before heading out for dinner later in the evening. I was telling Sister that I will bring her to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station as I came across a shop selling air flown perishable goods at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the shop was closed early for the day. For your information, majority shops around Tanjong Pagar close pretty early on Sundays.

I was craving for Korean cuisine that day. So, we exited the station and walked to Amoy Street as I remembered seeing lots of Korean restaurants in the area. Most of the restaurants were close at the time but Korean restaurants are mostly open. I chose Hyang Yeon Korean Kitchen as it was the one restaurant which I saw with quite an number of patrons as compared to other Korean restaurants in the area. So, I guess their food must be better?

80 Amoy Street #01-01, Singapore 069899

Hyang Yeon Korean Kitchen is operated by a Korean family if I am not wrong. The place was nicely decorated with Korean ambiance. The menu is extensive. I was craving for Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) but I doubted that the two of us would be able to finish the whole thing. So, we got ourselves other dishes in smaller portion.

Sikhye | S$4

Complimentary Banchan that came with our food. The eating utensils were wrapped nicely with a Korean touch. For your information, the Kimchi was good and I asked for a refill.

Hand Made Dumpling | S$15

I requested for Kimchi Mandu upon ordering but the staff came back informing us that they were out of Kimchi Mandu. So, we made do with Pork Mandu instead. To be honest, I did not find anything special with their Pork Mandu. I think I like the Chinese version of Xiao Long Bao better. LOL!

Jjajangmyeon | S$18

I was telling Sister if this restaurant serves decent and authentic Jjajangmyeon, we could always bring Mom to try it out the next time she visits Singapore. However, their Jjajangmyeon has been improvised to cater the local taste. It was pretty sweet in my opinion when the real deal was so much saltier.

So, this summed up the fourth day of my Singapore trip. I still have an overdue third and last day. So, do stay tune if you are interested.