02072017 / Pepper Lunch, Brunei

Jennifer and I met for lunch last Sunday afternoon as she wanted to pass me stuffs that she and Sister got for me from their holiday trip to Canada earlier last month. We were supposed to meet earlier but I could not make it as I had made arrangement to meet Jia for dinner at infinitea X I Say Yatta!

We met for late lunch as I had to drive Mom home from grocery shopping and massage in the morning with only half an hour to spare before having to drive out to meet Jennifer for lunch. I collected my pre-ordered iPad 9.7 in the morning and only to be washed with disappointment when I found out that my notebook could not sync with my new iPad.

So, I headed to the nearest AV Electronics and the sales personnel told me that iPad 9.7 has some minimum requirements especially with iTunes. It requires the latest version which unfortunately my notebook was unable to support at the time. However, he suggested that I could make do with a pendrive designed to support iPhone and iPad. So, I went over to Netcom Computer House to get myself a Sandisk iExpand and it worked wonder.

Later at night, I headed over to Jia’s house to seek help from Eldie for my notebook. He managed to format my notebook and installed the necessary minimum requirements to download the latest version of iTunes. If not, I think I would really consider getting myself a MacBook Air. LOL!

Anyways, enough ramblings about my iPad and let’s get started with today’s blog entry!

Beef & Hamburg Curry Rice | B$12.90

This was what Jennifer had for herself. She wanted to try their Hamburg as she was impressed with their beef dishes the first time she tried Pepper Lunch. According to her, she preferred the beef which she had on her first visit. Her beef were overcooked as she had left them sizzling on the grilling pan for too long before eating them.

Cheesy Omelette with Brown Sauce (Chicken) | B$14.90

I had Cheesy Omelette with Chicken this time round. I was contemplating between the sauces to go with my meal and the Cashier kindly suggested me their Brown Sauce and I agreed. Well, I can only say that Brown Sauce is definitely not for me and I would definitely go for their Curry Sauce next time. Always go with what you are comfortable with unless you are ready for a change. LOL!

The Cheesy Omelette was cooked perfectly with generous amount of cheese on the top. However, I do find the amount of grounded black pepper to be rather overwhelming for my liking.

Pepper Lunch
Block C, Unit 9 & 10,
Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2253000

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